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Mr. Dattaram Satpute | Career Counselor

  • About Me:
    Dr. Satpute is a seasoned career counselor having counseled thousands of students, families, aspiring professionals through workshops and personalized counseling sessions. He has also conducted selection tests for students of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Symbiosis Institute of Ecoinformatics, and more such prestigious institutions using Psychological Tools and Group Tasks.
  • Brief Description:
    We provide services for the following categories: Life Coaching, Career Development Coaching, Public Speaking, Interview Preparation, Training, Healthcare Consulting, Educational Consulting, Business Consulting, Marketing Consulting, and Digital Marketing.
  • Credentials:
    MS (Counselling and Psychotherapy) certification by IBMS, Chittoor, & CCA-Certified Career Analyst through Edu Milestone,Bangalore (India)
  • Testimonials:
    1. I was very confused and could not understand what to do next. Sir was very good at understanding what I was going through. I am very clear now and enjoyed the session with him. If you are confused and need some guidance kindly call Sir and book an appointment. 2. Exceptional counseling provided by Sir. I am thankful to him, he cleared all my doubts. I strongly recommend coming to Sir for guidance.
  • Opening Hours:
    10.00 Am To 5.00 Pm On Monday To Saturday, Sunday - Not Working

Mr. Dattaram Satpute: Career Counselor

Counselling People works on the principle of guiding young adults and children to better understand themselves through carefully curated programs. We have a team of experienced educationists, corporate trainers, and counselors who enable individuals through powerful mechanisms to deal with everyday issues.

Our team is specially trained to assist students in their process of self-reflection, with a deep focus on their well-being. Over the years, Counselling People has also been providing extensive corporate training services to some of the leading firms to help them understand, assess and develop their human capital.

As such, the clientele of our services is not restricted to any one segment of society and is accessible for all.
We provide a range of services which include:
• Counselling sessions for individuals, couples, and groups
• Crisis Counselling for addressing urgent needs or situations
• Assessment using Psychological Tools
• Pre-marital & Marital Counselling
*Women Empowerment
• Consultation sessions for students, parents, professionals, corporates
• Suicide Prevention Program
• General Mental Health awareness program
• Training & Development program for Corporates
• Audit of Individuals & Organizations
• Employability Skills Development Report

Counseling People is a brainchild of Dr. Satpute who believes that through career counseling, students and young adults can be effectively guided towards a better life.

With persistent efforts over the years, this organization is bound to grow by leaps and bounds.

Career counsellors assist persons who have inquiries about various occupations and educational options. If you’re looking for work, working with a career counsellor can help you make the most of the planning and decision-making process, resulting in a job path that’s tailored to your specific needs. Some high school counsellors assist students in making college and career decisions. Others work in higher education, advising university students who are having trouble choosing a major or selecting what they want to do after graduation. Some counsellors focus on working with adults who have already entered the workforce. These people may seek the advice of a career counsellor because they are thinking about changing occupations, wish to grow in their existing jobs, or need help finding new work after being laid off.

You might want to visit a career counsellor if you are facing issues like work frustration, stagnation, lack of motivation or you’re looking to change your career path entirely. For students who are unsure of their next steps in their education journey, visiting a career counsellor would be advisable. Counsellors not only provide guidance and support, they also conduct aptitude and personality testing to assist the client in make the best suited choices. Book an Appointment



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