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Mr. Deepak Pandit – Astrologer Consultant

  • About Me:
    Deepak is a celebrity astrologer. He connects with people on personal level and also on philosophical plane. His desire is to equip the individual with knowledge to best deal with life and to make the best opportunities and strengths.
  • Credentials:
    Indian Film Industries And Doctor Of Astrology.
  • Testimonials:
    Session was really good, enjoyed it and found it useful :)
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday

Mr. Deepak Pandit:(Astrologer Consultant)

The basic life is based Geetha! Geetha after studying life to its views in a balanced basis to hang my purpose in life is God! To God as our natural exists in between! 84 lakh sijistan after the man’s body is get! Of the planets as natural by the man have launched consideration is good and bad, that is why the human intellect and wisdom that has been given consideration for the analysis of! When pregnant mother to child is being created in 9 months and is only 9 are also planet! A planet every month is the load its soft warehousing, in which case of life and महादशाओं good and bad time to come person is on!

The planets mathematics on the basis of friendly and powerful enemy air on the basis of analysis is! Lord of the Vidya special grace of recovery with a view is there, which Prabu as to cooperation in the works is! Where is sad, flocked, for, it is all the planets good and bad rank occupying curved on stage, extreme & enemy or with with a view on the planet महादशाओं, Inter conditions, प्रत्यंतर conditions, micro and yellow conditions on the basis of analysis is air! If the full निष्ठां with well-being of society for learning to use this god if he is cooperation in the work is, therefore the forecaster to God is love!

These planets from 20 years of experience with a friendly contacts today it seems that whenever A company which is God’s name is created, God we seek to innovate is something every day, but we should think of it before seeking that our share in the Company is what, what we share in the company is the works? Only work if any one of God works of cooperation in efforts to be done with such a big bonus in life if he gives the person RITES, the peace, happiness and समृधि get life is balanced, which is get experience of peace and joy!

God has referred me is the work, I from their net अन्ताकरण flocked to remove logo of God in collaboration with cooperation in the works of God! I Besides God any person is not complete!

Deepak Pandit.

An astrologer is a professional who is educated in the field of astrology – reading and interpreting horoscopes. Horoscopes are based on the movement or placement of astronomical bodies like planets and stars. Astrologers can read client’s birth charts to help them understand their past, present and also to some extent predict the future. Through birth charts, astrologers can also uncover an individual’s personality, characteristics and future prospects like marriage, family and wealth.

Tarot card reading is another form of predicting the future that is becoming increasingly popular. Tarot card readers are skilled individuals who read and interpret client’s past, present and future prospects and advise them on their next steps in life.  Book an Appointment


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Deepak Pandit