MHZ Naturals 100% Pure Mysore Sandalwood Essential Oil – Undiluted Natural Aromatherapy Chandan Oil with Euro Dropper… Price: 509.00849.00 (as of 07/12/2022 13:08 PST- Details)

đź’– ESSENTIAL AROMATHERAPY – Original Sandalwood is grounding, focussing and Balancing. It has a subtle, floral scent with wood and fruit undertones that enhance the benefits of meditation. Utilize the power of scent to help you relax and let go during your medication sessions. Mysore sandalwood’s woody, musky aroma is something everyone enjoys.
đź’– NEW WAY OF LIFE – Like a dream vacation, Indian Sandalwood sourced from Mysore and Nilgiris region stays with you. Its woody and earthy notes intoxicating, one-of-a kind of aroma. What started for Friends and Family is now with you. Join us in a healthy and joyful lifestyle. It can protect you, heal you and bring the best out of you.
đź’– VERSATILITY – Mysore Sandalwood Oil is significant for its versatility. When Diffused it has a soothing, strengthening and grounding effect on your body. At the same time adding it to unscented liquid soap, massage cream and bubble bath can enliven your space. It helps you to calm and nourish your body and mind. The Nature’s goodness gets easily absorbed in your skin and give the radiance and shine.

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