Delight Foods Himalayan Natural Pink Rock Salt – 750 Gm Price: 225.00 (as of 07/12/2022 13:33 PST- Details)

100% natural & mineral rich pink himalayan rock salt (fine grain and free flowing) – 750g. reusable pet jar. sendha namak
Cleanliness – Consistently clean and free from dust, artificial colors, black rocks and clay
Quality – Our salt comes from the same mines and therefore are consistent in quality. We follow strict measures to ensure no mixing of artificial colors is done at any step of processing starting from rock excavation to segregation to crushing and sorting. Our shade of pink is the most natural color and indicates that our salt in un-adulterated. Correctly processed high-quality himalayan salt will range in color from light white to shades of pink and light red. Organically procured and processed

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