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How to stop Overthinking

How to stop Overthinking

overthinkingStop overthinking. You are overthinking. Give me a break, why am I overthinking!

What is overthinking anyway?

You have a thought, you think about all angles and all possibilities surrounding that thought. Then you imagine certain situations related to the thought, then you think about people associated with that thought. Now, the thought becomes secondary. Now, you think about the way these people have behaved with you in other situations. Then you derive a pattern out of it.

Then you associate certain judgements with these people, then you think about the judgements these people might have made about you. Then you start imagining all the possible judgements these people can make about you. Then you start feeling these judgements without actually experiencing them. Then you associate emotions of anger or guilt or revenge to these imaginary judgements. Then you are frustrated about the imaginary opinions you think people have about you and you feel helpless to not be able to give an explanation.

So you get into an imaginary conversation with these people. And you keep feeling angry, frustrated and helpless because there is no satisfaction. It brings out all your self-doubts about yourself. Am I worth it, Am I good enough, am I confident, etc? Okay!

Maybe it is not about a person, maybe it is about yourself, your work, etc. but the bottom line remains, you start questioning your authenticity. You forget you are a unique individual who will have a unique way of doing things, but you get trapped in judgements and doubts! Most of the time these judgements are your own fears you project on others.

If you feel you are overthinking, help yourself out of the trap. Get help. You need help. This is called mind clutter. If you don’t seek a resolution, it will intensify in your own head and something that is just a thought will soon become a belief, and under the law of attraction will start impacting your personal, professional and social life.

Free yourself, from all the unwanted, unnecessary beliefs you have created for yourself.

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