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10 Signs you are in a Healthy Relationship!

10 Signs you are in a Healthy Relationship!

Being in a healthy relationship does not mean that you must have everything in common. Having the same taste in music, movies or food does not mean that your relationship is necessarily healthy. Also, love is not the only prerequisite for a healthy relationship. It depends more on the emotional and physical compatibility between two people.

Sometimes, toxicity in a relationship is covert. One partner might be manipulative without the other partner knowing. In the long run, such relationships traumatize or at least leave an emotional scar on the victim’s mind. So how do people choose partners or identify toxic partners?

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Here are 10 signs of a healthy relationship which should ideally be the expected characteristics of your relationship. They will also help you identify the areas where your relationship lacks or needs to be worked upon.

1. There is no communication barrier.

You both speak your mind freely. There is nothing you cannot share with each other. You are very respectful, but honest and open about every topic you can possibly talk about.

2. You give each other space.

You do not find it necessary to spend all the time together. You give each other plenty of space to do what you like, without making them feel guilty about it. There is no obligation of spending time together just because you “have to”.

3. You have your disagreements and do not hold back to express them.

You talk things out in a healthy manner. You do not resort to insulting each other or name calling. You both listen and understand each other’s concerns, and disagree if you must, but with respect. Neither of you hurt each other’s sentiments or try to make each other feel silly for expressing something you might not agree with.

4. You have maintained your individuality.

You do not feel the need to change for each other and accept each other the way you are. You both love each other’s imperfections and cater to your partner’s needs always. You are open to changing a few habits, yes, that is a part of healthy adjustment. But, you never try to make your partner conform with values or morals that they do not wish to comply with, and this difference of opinion does not negatively impact your relationship.

5. All your decisions are made after mutual agreement.

You might contradict each other’s choices but still always respect them. Be it a small issue like deciding what to watch or eat or a larger issue related to your relationship, finances, or children, you always make sure that both of you are on the same page and happy with the result.

6. You adjust.

You adjust with each other’s timings, choices, and duties. You both make sure that you make things easier for each other by mutually and happily adjusting with each other, without being asked to.

7. You are kind to each other.

You always respect, love, and handle every disagreement with care. Your partner’s feelings matter to you irrespective of the circumstances. You are careful with your words and make sure that you don’t say anything hurtful, even while you are angry.

8. You trust each other completely.

You never lie or take advantage of each other’s trust. You always communicate everything clearly and do not keep secrets from each other. You basically feel no need to lie to each other and know that you can share everything with your partner without the fear of them judging you.

9. You let go of things.

You might fight, argue, or annoy each other but at the end of the day you always sort out all your disagreements and apologize if necessary. A little tip here: you should never go to bed angry. Always clear up all differences before sleep and ensure that no one feels unheard or neglected at the end of the day.

10. You express everything clearly.

You show love, consideration, or apology without any hesitation. Saying ‘I love you’, ‘sorry’, or ‘thank you’, whenever necessary, is a good way to remind your partner that you care. It is a part of your routine to express love and gratitude for your partner’s presence in your life.

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