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7 Practical Ways To Reduce Your Panic Attacks.

7 Practical Ways To Reduce Your Panic Attacks.

panic attackWhenever someone has a panic attack it is so sudden that it takes time to understand. It is mixed with intense fear, panic, and anxiety. People get overwhelmed and symptoms of both physical and emotional can be seen.

Sometimes these panic attacks get so frequent that a person fears going into any kind of difficult situation. Because they know that they will have an attack and not be able to control the situation. Such a person has very difficulty in overcoming a situation or facing a problem.

According to a study, almost 13% of people experience panic attacks in their lifetime. My sister Palak, also had a panic attack. It started happening frequently. She had difficulty in breathing, her heart started beating profusely, sweating, etc. We were very much concerned. Then she took the appointment with a psychotherapist who helped Palak by using some breathing and relaxation techniques and by predicting when an attack can come makes it easier for a person to control it. Now she has overcome the panic attacks and knows how to control them.

Here are 7 points that will help you to regain control and reduce your panic attacks:

panic attack

  1. Take a deep breath: You should start taking a deep breath when you get a panic attack and make yourself aware that this will pass soon. You should have a strong belief that you can control it. A panic attack can cause heavy breathing and makes your chest tight. You can feel anxiety and a lot more tension. So you can use a breathing technique breath in, hold the breath for a few seconds, and then breathe out. It will relax you and calm your nerves.
  2. Do some light exercise: Try doing some light exercise like walking or doing yoga for relaxation. Doing regular exercise can help you reduce your anxiety levels. Plus it regulates your breathing, relaxes your body, and improves your mood. Exercise will lessen the number and severity of your panic attacks.
  3. Relax in a peaceful environment: When you know that someplace or sight causes you to panic attacks then you should try to leave that place. Move around and relax in a peaceful environment. Embrace yourself in the lap of nature. Take in the fresh air, have some alone time, make yourself mentally prepared, focus on your breathing to cope up with the difficult situations.
  4. Think positive: Change your negative thoughts into positive ones. Whenever you have a panic attack, try to think positive instead of negative. Maybe negative thoughts coming to show that you are facing some kind of psychological fear or anxiety. Take the help of psychotherapists and learn to replace them with more realistic and positive ones.
  5. Focus on a particular object: During an attack, you could focus on a particular object and try to concentrate on it. Many people have found it useful for doing this. For example, you can focus on the ceiling or wall of a place. Notice its color and patterns. Focus all your energy on it and your attack will disappear.
  6. Keep Lavender with yourself: Use lavender oil as it is known for soothing and making your body relax and stress-free. Breathe in the scent while experiencing a panic attack. You can also drink lavender tea or chamomile tea to soothe yourself.
  7. Find out your trigger point: Close your eyes and try to find what causes your attack. What is your trigger point? Is it a place, incident, or a person, etc? Take the help of a therapist. By closing your eyes you can focus on your breathing and calm yourself much faster.

So here are some of the ways which tell how you can control and stop your panic attacks. We don’t know when a panic attack can happen. But you can adopt the long-time strategy to reduce the occurrence of it. You can change your lifestyle into a healthy one, taking therapies and learning to manage fears and anxieties in your life.

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