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G.Ramasubramanian | Life Coach

G.Ramasubramanian | Life Coach


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G.Ramasubramanian: Life Coach

A life coach should never just be some cheerleader or motivational speaker, he must be like a parent to the person. The trick is to assess what age level of parenting does the person needs, peer-to-peer parenting, or parent to a loved four-year-old. To be a parent and not to be a parent. Nothing should be black and white, in doing so you deny someone’s existence.

The subjective matter should always be, at least a life coach should try, only on a positive connection to life and support. If that can not be had, then the subjective nature should be removed. The key importance for the life coach to know is that it is never about them. The directive part should be directed at the spirit when the person is calm and collective and at ease with you. Lots of time the ego is stuck in its victim role, this is a good time just to listen until you hear the patterns repeat themselves.

Listen until the least common diameter can be found. Listen then at a minimum to keep abreast of the current history, but too much just enable the person to continue habits. Causing the one to inflict, even when they are speaking about them, more harm. You as a life coach must give them hope there is something better than just plain old good. A life coach must break them from the feeling of the pain I know is better than the pain I do not know. To restore the hope that expectations will not just dash them from some great heights.


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