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Personality Development Among Students: 8 Reasons Why Extracurricular Activities Matter

Personality Development Among Students: 8 Reasons Why Extracurricular Activities Matter

Extracurricular activities are those that students perform outside their academic courses. These activities help substantially in personality development among students. The activities performed in it can range from theatre, dance, poetry, photography, or learning web tools. 

We are talking about extracurriculars because they are neglected by many but form an important part that helps shape a student’s life in many ways, including a positive academic performance!

In this blog, we will elaborate on why engaging in extracurricular activities is so important for personality development among students-

Extracurriculars help you to get out of your shell

Extracurricular activities help you to get out of your shell. They allow you to open up and make new friends. Extracurricular activities include all the sports like basketball, football or badminton. And we all know that sports require coordination and teamwork from the players. It is this teamwork and time spent together that helps create lasting friendships.

Boosts self-confidence

Extracurricular activities give children an opportunity to show their skills. It gives them a chance to be good at something even if they aren’t scoring “perfect A” on their mark sheets.

Being appreciated for something make them feel confident and enhances their mood.

Are you struggling with your self-image? Don’t lose hope because now you can seek help from best online experts!

Bring out a hidden talent

Children cannot know what they are capable of, what their superpower is unless they are given a chance to explore. Extracurricular activities provide this chance to know oneself, to bring forth a hidden talent. 

The early years in your life offer you the best opportunity to explore different things. And when you explore, there are greater chances that you will stumble upon things you are passionate about early on in your life and learn to maintain a balance.

Helps to develop social skills 

If we don’t encourage and support children to participate in extracurricular activities they may find it hard to socialize later in their life. If children are given ways to positively interact with the world then they are highly likely to keep their minds away from disturbing behavior and inappropriate activities.

Improved social skills are important for personality development among students. If you find it hard to communicate with your child you can seek help from an online relationship expert!

Helps to get into top colleges 

Colleges around the world are looking for candidates who have gone beyond their intended areas of study and have made a space for themselves in some other fields. Importance of extracurricular activities in lifeThe colleges also provide scholarships and freeships if you excel in some of the extracurricular activities. 

Essential life skills 

The benefits of extracurricular activities are many. When you engage in extracurriculars you get to expand your network. As you come in contact with more and more people, your communication skills enhance, you get better at conflict resolution. The amalgamation of all these things also leads to greater emotional intelligence.

There are many categories in which extracurricular activities can be divided and all these help in developing different parts of the brain which leads to overall personality development among students.

Helps your CV 

Recruiters today not just look for academic achievements but also are very interested in knowing what you are passionate about and what are your skills. The extracurricular activities help develop various soft skills without you noticing them!

Extracurricular activities provide you the opportunity to make yourself employable and have fun in life at the same time!

Improved time management

Extracurricular activities are a great tool through which you learn to sharpen your time management skills. The children learn to balance academics and extracurriculars which act as a foundation skill. personality development among students

If you can manage your studies and extracurriculars in your school life, you will also be able to create a work-life balance more easily later on. 

Improved time management skills help in overall personality development among students but if you find it hard to navigate on your own, you can book a call with a lifestyle expert!

Your Takeaway

Try as many extracurriculars as possible in the initial stage and then narrow down to a couple of them when you find the ones you are passionate about.  

While on the one hand, giving extracurriculars their due share is important, it is also important to keep in mind that you don’t have to get burned out and you cannot let your grades suffer. 

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