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Parenting Tips: 7 Pillars of Good Parenting

Parenting Tips: 7 Pillars of Good Parenting

Parenting Tips: 7 Pillars of Good Parenting

What does parenting mean? It is the process of raising your child into a better person by providing them protection, guidance and care. People say that if your children turn out better than it is because of parent’s hard work and sacrifices, but if they don’t turn out well then it’s the parent’s flaw. It all depends on how a parent nurtures and polishes their child.

Honestly, there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Nobody is perfect. And you also can’t expect from your child to be perfect. A good parent is someone who doesn’t levy their dreams and ambitions for their children instead helps their kids to make decisions in the best interest of their child.

There are a lot of experts and coaches out there sharing their insights and parenting tips.

Following are some parenting tips, shared by an expert parenting coach:

  1. Inspire them to become a better human being:

Children always look up to you and tend to imitate your every action. If you respect them, they’ll respect you too. You have to be happy, helping and loving towards them and then eventually they’ll also start doing all this.

  1. Love them:

Loving doesn’t mean buying them materialistic pleasures, giving them everything they ask for and saying “yes” to anything and everything. Doing this might spoil them. Loving means talking to them about their day, giving them hugs, spend time with them, appreciate them for the good deeds and scold them if they are doing something wrong. This will help a lot in Happy Parenting.

  1. Don’t yell:

Children always do the opposite of what we tell them to do. Yelling or shouting does not solve the problem. You will have to explain to them the reason behind not doing certain things. So if they know the reason they won’t do it again.

  1. Setting limits, maintaining discipline and avoiding distractions:

There have to be some house rules, which keeps your children in control, family bonding increases and you teach good values to your kids.

As your child grows, many distractions come its way like playing video games whole day and avoiding studying. You’ll have to help them to avoid these distractions. Don’t punish them if they don’t listen in the first chance. It is your kid and only you can make him/her understand the reason behind the distractions and help overcome it. It will help you in Happy Parenting.Happy Parenting

  1. Socialize:

Parenting must involve socializing kids, which enables them to meet new people, lifestyle, culture and expand their social horizon. Also, this will help them to know better about the world and develop themselves with the evolving environment.

  1. Be the best support system:

Your child should know that you’ll always be there no matter what. People say parents know every little thing about their child’s life. Great minds say, “supportive families promote emotionally safe and direct communication between one another.” Supporting your child is also helpful in the mental development of the child.

  1. Listen to them:

You don’t have to know all the answers to every question your child asks. But it’s important to listen to them and clarify the doubts they have which might give them some solution and satisfaction. And if your child is a teen then maybe they might be dealing with some real issues, so you need to talk to them about it, listen to them carefully and without judging or comparing them to any other child. It might hurt their feelings and might never ask for your help again. So you need to be careful and choose the right words to confront your child. It is one of the major aspects of Happy Parenting.Happy Parenting


All parents want their children to be happy and contended. So, they are always over-possessive, over-excited and insecure towards their kids. They want to do everything for their children to bring them lots of toys, enrol them in a variety of classes and fulfil every wish of their children. These things might spoil your children. To avoid that, you can always follow the above parenting tips and help your children grow in the right direction.

Happy parenting involves a great deal of consistency and efforts, which gives children a sense of control. Parenting may be difficult, but if you try then it can get better results. You don’t know how your child would turn out but your support and guidance can shape their lives in a better way.  To know more about Happy Parenting you can take help from our expert parenting coaches on our community wellness platform We also have book-related on how to Happy Parenting on our Wellness Store. Parents must be in charge of their families, give everything you can, because it’s all going to be worth it! So how does your parenting look like?


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