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Result-Oriented Online Counselling To Deal With ADHD | Create A 10x Better Future For Your Child

Result-Oriented Online Counselling To Deal With ADHD | Create A 10x Better Future For Your Child

Online Counselling to Deal With ADHD- Holistic Living

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is not my child’s identity. He is much more than his diagnosis. Yes, he is always bubbling with an intense energy or finds it difficult to focus on one task. However, he is also a witty child with a lot of love in his heart. 

His future is not defined by the fact that he has ADHD. I know, that he will grow into a successful and happy individual. He has the potential to be everything he wants to be and as his mother, I will do everything in my power to ensure that he receives the best care and support

Payal pens down an emotional letter addressing her thoughts about her 9 years old son’s diagnosis. His name is Joshua and he studies at a well-known school in New Jersey, USA. 

Joshua was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 8 years old. At that time his family which includes his mother Payal, his father Sam and his little sister Maheera used to live in Mumbai, India. 

Payal had always suspected that something was out of the box about his son. He had been showing classic signs of ADHD ever since he was 2 years old. He could hardly sit calmly even while eating or bathing. He constantly needed stimulation and would easily get bored with one toy. 

He would even pick up fights with his friends when they refused to stick to the daily play routine. 

When Joshua turned 8 years old, his symptoms escalated. He had trouble at school and would often get complaints from his teachers. 

“One day his class teacher called me and educated me about Joshua’s symptoms. She was also a child counsellor. She suggested I consult an expert child psychologist to understand the signs better and take help on time” says Payal.

Payal and Sam connected with the Child Psychologist at Holistic Living through a friend’s reference. The expert Psychologist conducted an objective and subjective assessment of Joshua’s signs and symptoms, and only after careful observation gave the diagnosis of ADHD. 

Take Online Counselling To Deal With ADHD

“We were not at all shocked or disappointed when we heard about the diagnosis. Actually, even Sam had mild ADHD and with regular counselling, he was able to deal with ADHD quite effectively. We all come from well-educated backgrounds so we knew that with the right therapy support, Joshua can handle ADHD brilliantly as well” says Payal.

Payal and Sam decided to opt for online counselling to deal with ADHD and help Joshua improve his academic, social and personal life skills. Since they were already contemplating shifting to the USA within a year they realized that online counselling to deal with ADHD would be the best option. 

Although initially, Payal was sceptical about the effectiveness of online counselling to deal with ADHD, as the sessions progressed and she saw good improvements in Joshua she felt satisfied and relieved. 

Sam says, “It was amazing to see how well Joshua was coping with everything. The psychologist was very professional and knew exactly what she was doing. She incorporated many fun activities as well which grasped Joshua’s attention and helped him develop his skills

The expert psychologist at Holistic Living combined different therapies including play therapy, art therapy, and CBT techniques and even made optimal use of technology to give a holistic treatment. 

With each session, Joshua showed tremendous progress. He was able to attend his classes, engage in play activities with his friends and even showed improvement in his focus and attention levels. 

Online counselling to deal with ADHD is all about understanding the child’s specific needs and symptoms and then tailoring the treatment plan accordingly. For instance, Joshua was a creative boy. He loved using colors and sparkles. The Psychologist at Holistic Living quickly recognized Joshua’s artistic interests and helped him channel his energy in his creativity. 

Not only that but online counselling to deal with ADHD also involves parenting skills training. Here the psychologist teaches parents how to effectively manage their child’s behaviour, provide structure and consistency, and implement positive reinforcement techniques.

“As psychologists, we can only help your child 60%. The other 40% depends on the parents. In the case of Joshua, his parents were extremely supportive and consistent with online counselling to deal with ADHD. In the span of one year, they did not miss a single session, and now even in the USA they regularly follow up with me. 

I strongly believe that the major reason why Joshua showed such amazing progress is because of his wonderful parents. Hats off to their dedication and hard work” praises the expert psychologist at Holistic Living.

We understand that as parents when your child is diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome or any other developmental or mental health concerns, it is natural to get worried and stressed. 

However, it is equally important to understand that this is when your child needs you the most. Spending your days in worry and stress will not help your child’s condition. In fact, it will only worsen it. 

Instead, you can opt for offline or online counselling to deal with ADHD and ensure that your child receives the right help at the right time. With proper treatment, it is possible to manage the symptoms of ADHD, build important life skills and help create a bright future for your child. 

If you would like to understand more about online counselling to deal with ADHD, then you can opt for our 10-minute FREE consultation with expert counsellors. They will help you take the right course of action for your child’s health and well-being. 

Take the consultation today!

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