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Consult Best Online Certified Therapist To Resolve Sexual Anxiety And Lack Of Romance In Your Marriage | 55+ Client Reviews

Consult Best Online Certified Therapist To Resolve Sexual Anxiety And Lack Of Romance In Your Marriage | 55+ Client Reviews

Online Certified Therapist at Holistic Living

Engaging in sexual pleasures is one of the most beautiful and sacred acts of marriage. It can significantly contribute to the happiness and success of a marriage, and a lack of sexual intimacy between the partners is often seen as a sign of a failing and unsatisfying marriage. 

Many people believe that it is common and normal for partners to physically drift apart after a few years of marriage. Well, when you ask older couples who are happily married, or even observe their body language you can easily see the physical closeness between them. 

It is important for couples to take conscious efforts to keep their romance alive, and not succumb to the boring myths and stereotypes about sexual satisfaction in married life. 

Now, there could be many reasons why couples fail to keep the romance alive, and gradually forget about their sexual needs and desires. 

Some of the reasons include poor communication, the burden of multiple responsibilities, emotional stress, boredom, and constant conflicts. At times, partners may be going through phases where they lose their interest in sex and find pleasure in other activities. 

Another common reason for a lack of sex life in marriage is sexual anxiety or bedroom performance anxiety. 

Sexual anxiety refers to feelings of distress, worry, or fear related to sexual experiences or sexual performance. It can manifest in various forms, such as concerns about not being able to achieve or maintain an erection, difficulty reaching orgasm, fear of being judged or rejected by a sexual partner, or general feelings of discomfort or nervousness around sexual activities.

Piyush, one of the clients at Holistic Living approached an online certified therapist to talk about his sexual concern in his current relationship. He was able to get an erection while initiating intercourse with his wife, but after a few minutes, he would lose his erection. 

He tried a couple of times to resolve the issue on his own but it would only get worse. This started affecting his self-esteem and he felt low about himself. Although his wife was understanding, somewhere it was creating a rift between them. 

They were a newly-married couple and they definitely did not want to start their relationship on a sour note. Fortunately, Piyush and his wife Sayali were well-educated and forward-minded people. They knew that with the right guidance and treatment, it is possible to resolve the issue and have a good sex life again. 

“I was quite nervous when I booked the appointment with an online certified therapist at Holistic Living. It was embarrassing to start the conversation. But my therapist was encouraging and made me feel at ease. He listened to me without any judgments and was compassionate and positive” shares, Piyush.

The online certified therapist conducted a thorough assessment of Piyush’s current concerns including any medical possibilities. After carefully ruling out medical causes, the online certified therapist worked with Piyush to understand the actual reason for not being able to maintain his erection. 

Piyush was born and brought up in a highly conservative and orthodox family. From a very young age, he was taught that sex is taboo and a grave sin. As he grew older he had the natural urge to explore his sexual desires but was forced to suppress them since he did not want to do anything ‘bad’. 

He also suffered from low confidence and an inferiority complex. This got him stuck in his head where he constantly wondered if he is doing the right thing and whether or not his wife is enjoying and liking what he is doing. He viewed himself as insufficient and incompetent which led to poor libido and erectile issues.

The online certified therapist addressed each concern specifically. He worked with Piyush to modify his negative self-beliefs and increase his confidence by using CBT techniques, positive visualization, and affirmations. 

He also helped Piyush to view sex as a natural act rather than a sin or taboo. This shift of perspective encouraged him to enjoy the sexual activities and completely immerse himself in them. 

“The online certified therapist helped me to get out of my head. I started enjoying having sex with my wife rather than seeing it as a stressful chore. The meditative practices have brought amazing results. I am glad I took the support and guidance of my online certified therapist” says Piyush. 

The expert therapist also involved Sayali in the process. He helped them to be more open and honest about their feelings and expectations and communicate them clearly. 

The therapist educated Sayali on how she can emotionally support Piyush and boost his confidence, as well as how they together can increase their sexual satisfaction. 

“There is definitely a major improvement after consulting the online certified therapist. I had no idea Piyush was suffering silently. I am grateful that he shared his concern with me and together we could resolve it. Our married life is a lot more satisfying and romantic. I am loving that” smiles Sayali

Sexual anxiety or bedroom performance anxiety is often psychological in nature and can be effectively resolved by consulting an online certified therapist, or in-person counselling sessions as well. 

At Holistic Living, you can take a 10-minute FREE consultation with expert counsellors to clear your doubts and get the best recommendations. Sexual anxiety is natural, and nothing to feel embarrassed about. It is time we break free from unhealthy stereotypes and take the support we need to improve our life. 

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