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Siddhi Shaah | Your Guardian Angels Miracle Program

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Siddhi Shaah | Your Guardian Angels Miracle Program

Discover Your Divine Path For Happiness and Peace, in Your Busy Life.

Learn to recognize the signs from your guardian angels and understand their divine guidance that they send every day without anyone’s help for your fulfilling and phenomenal life.

Receive Spiritual Guidance On Yours. Own using “Your Guardian Angels. Miracles” Program

Your Guardian Angels Miracles is a unique spiritual program to connect with their Guardian Angels and receive guidance from the Angels.

The program focuses on strengthening your connection with your guardian angels and understanding their message
on your own.

  • Learn the Proven Ways to connect with your Guardian Angels.
  • Release Energy Blockages and Receive Abundance of Prosperity, Joy, and Miracles from your angels.
  • Receive the Divine Messages from them and transform your life completely.
  • Learn how your angels can help bring more love & happiness into your life.
  • Learn how angels can bring inspiration, new ideas & creativity into your life

Who can benefit from this program?
It’s the best place for anyone who is trying to connect with their Angels for receiving more clarity, ease, happiness, and prosperity in their life.

  • Housewives

Learn to connect with the Angels and how to ask and receive for wellbeing for your kids and the entire family. You can also take Angels’ guidance to rekindle the love in your relationships.

  • Professionals

Get in touch with your inner creativity and your angels to take your career to more heights.

Add another feather in your hat by learning to connect with Angels and seeking their guidance in your Healing Sessions.

  • Students

Know which angels to call upon for more focus and concentration and change your performance magically as you learn to connect with angels and get more clarity and intelligence.

  • Coaches

Seek Angel Guidance for more clarity and prosperity in your own life and also in the life of many of your clients.


During This Energizing 5-Day Program, You’ll Discover
Day 1: Who Angels are and why they want to communicate with you.
Day 2: The presence of Angels and Learn the secret tool to strengthen
your connection with the Angels.
Day 3: Understanding and quiz on Psychic powers to start receiving
messages from your Angels for divine guidance
Day 4: Learn how to read Angel Oracle Cards and understand the
benefits of reading angel cards.
Day 5: 2 Hrs of LIVE Angel Awareness and Guided Meditation session with
me for the betterment of your future and fulfilling life.
Meet Your Trainer

Siddhii Shaah is a gifted Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor who at the age of 16 started interpreting others’ dreams for them. Siddhii was introduced to the field of energy healing at a very young age.

Today, she imparts knowledge and attunements with many celestial beings such as dragons, angels, unicorns, elves, fairies, centaurs, and more! She excels at working with different dimensions.

She’s known for being a channel for Angel messages, Angel card Readings, and workshops; Siddhi has created a Dragon Healing modality through her channelized guidance, called The Celestial Dragons. All of this is provided through a platform called – Yana’s Healing Studio

People from different countries, beliefs, and languages have benefitted from Siddhii’s knowledge and practical understanding. Her style of teaching is compassionately unique and her knowledge, outstanding.

Also, one of Siddhii’s strongest points is to deliver simple, effective, and result-oriented solutions. She is known to walk the extra mile to help her students get the best of what she has to offer.

Awaken Your Inner Energies To
Supercharge Your Connection
With Angels
Many of us see the signs of our angels, but not all of us can
realize that seeing the signs are only the first step. The second
step is learning how to get what they want to show us.
But even if you aren’t sure what angel signs are, this course will
help you discover that what you are seeking by
1. Recognising the signs your angels are sending you.
2. Learning the one important method that allows your angels to hear you
& help you every time.
3. Confidently interpreting the messages your angels give you.
4. Accessing the powerful angelic wisdom and guidance to make your life happy and prosperous.
5. And be an Angel on Earth yourself by safely assisting others with angel guidance.

Get Access To The Best
Transformational Program For
Unlimited Divine Guidance
Book Now And Get Your Gifts For

Gift 1: Angel Numbers Decoded
This video guide will help you to access the hidden messages sent to
you by your Angels through numbers called Angel Numbers.
Total Value: Rs.12,000/-

“Your Guardian Angels Miracles” Today For
Get 98% savings!


RS. 199/-
On Top Of All of This, You’ll Also
Access To Yana’s Healing Studio’s Private Facebook Community – (Members Only)

You will have a private invitation to join our amazing, supportive, worldwide, members-only Angel community. The group allows you to connect with your fellow participants.
Access to Dedicated Telegram Group

Once you register for the “Your Guardian Angels Miracles”, you’ll receive
an email with the invitation link to join a dedicated Telegram Group to receive regular updates.

The groups are private and exclusive to our community members. So you can freely share your experiences and ask questions.

There’s nothing that’ll give you the motivation to practice, quite like having a place where you can talk with others about their angel connection experiences.
Are You Ready To Strengthen Your Connection With Guardian Angels?
Then Join India’s Finest Spiritual Development Community 5 Days Whatsapp class by Siddhii Shaah




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