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Yoga Mantrana Wealth & Prosperity

  • Credentials: yoga practitioner and instructor for over 18 years with a master degree in yoga psychology from bihar yoga bharti ( world's first yoga university )

Yoga Guru Ashwani , the founder of Yog Mantrana, is a master yog teacher and spiritual counselor. He earned his Master’s in Yoga Psychology from Bihar Yoga Bharati, the world’s first yoga university, in 2000. His guru, Paramhamsa Niranjananda Saraswati, has had a deep influence as a transformational healer. He has conducted yog sessions for different groups across India as well as overseas. His inspirational classes pave the way for professional growth and success in relationships.

Online per hour 400@ per hour ,,, home visit 800/@ prr person ,,,, yoga therapy 1100/ per hour

Yog Retreat conducts 7 days & 14 days Yoga Retreat under the guidance of experienced teachers and yog masters. Yoga in the Himalayas is certainly the best thing one can experience and so we offer this yoga retreat program. Divine; Yoga is Power and so Yoga is a Divine Power which surely everyone wants to experience.

Yoga is too much beautiful that people from every corner of the globe visit to experience its beauty. Rishikesh Yoga presents the real Yoga in India which Sages & Monks used to experience in ancient times that simply means, Yoga in Rishikesh makes you aware with the true life of a Yogi.

A Yogi is not someone who lives in the Himalayas, eats the food free from onion & garlic, wear Dhoti & Patka; indeed a yogi is one who carries purity in its heart, away from all the happiness & sorrows! Learning a Yoga Couse in Rishikesh from yog mantrana let you explore the true life of a Yogi. Moreover, it will give you the glimpse of Yoga in India


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