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Wholeness Healing Circle

  • Brief Description:
    A weekly group - healing circle. A space for sharing, reflecting, introspecting and learning, practicing deepening
  • Credentials:
    Certified Life Coach, Sound Energy Healer
  • Testimonials:
  • Opening Hours:
    9.00 - 2.00 & 6.00 - 9.00 Weekdays, 9.00 - 2.00 Weekends

Wholeness Healing Circle

Starting March 2022

Every Sunday 7pm

First / Third Sunday

1. Guided Meditation Inc Sound – 30 minutes

2. Reflections and Journalling on ONE Topic – 30 minutes

Second Sunday every month

Book Reading
30 minutes reading from pre-selected books on personal transformation and self-enlightenment

30 minutes personal sharing related to reading

Fourth Sunday every month

45 minutes guided tapping together

Every Full Moon: Guided Meditation

Every New Moon:
Sound Journey

Subscription :

For Three Months ₹3500

For Six Months ₹6500

For the year ₹12500

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