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  • About Me: I created this unique blend of mind-Body-Soul wellness A holistic and scientific approach with the science of Neuro-Linguistic programming and right nutrition based on your unique body type, ayurvedic principles to most importantly suit the modern lifestyle.
  • Credentials: Certified Wellness Coach
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday
  • Testimonials: The greatest impact of Nidhi's HEALTH REBOOT program is on my confidence in who I am. Prior to this program I was confused, overwhelmed and stuck with all the different diet advices that I would get from social media. Nidhi's Health Reboot Program helped me understand my unique body type and eat accordingly. It has simplified and got me to basics of meal planning. It has transformed the way I think about myself.

Nidhi Bhansali:(Mind-Body wellness Coach) I believe we all can experience happiness, health, and wealth by choosing to live consciously moment by moment. You are the way you feel and  your body stores every thought as information and converts it into reality. It is an extension of your inner state of being reflected on the outside.

You can achieve a healthy body and a blissful state of being by retraining your mind and redefining the way you think about yourself. Be it creating loving relationships, losing weight or managing any ailment, your mind has all the solutions stored within. You just have to unlock the treasure to be able to live fully and I help you do exactly that.

I developed a healthy relationship with my body and started loving it all over again. It was like a new found love affair. The more I cared for myself the more it loved me back. This new found love became the purpose of my life and I was determined to share it with the world.
You too can create perfect health, calm mind and have all the love in your life by retraining your mind.



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