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Transformation Coach Mind Power Coach

  • About Me: I have been offering coaching and organization strategy services and creating tools for self-discovery and growth since 2006. Everything I share with others comes from my life experience – my successes, my struggles, my insights, my joys and sorrows! I hope that I can support your journey towards success and joy and help you make it easier and more relaxed for sure.
  • Credentials: ACC Coach
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday
  • Testimonials: My customer are very satisfied from my practice

Kashmira Mody:(Transformation Coach)I began my journey as a Leadership Coach in 2006 when I founded Essence Consultancy with a clear vision of bringing world-class Leadership disciplines to Indian leaders via gentle, one-on-one conversations that would transform them and their organizations. Over a decade and 500 plus clients later, the playing field has changed over and over again and each year I feel I am just getting started.

Today, the world is my oyster. Via technology and social media, I have attracted and served clients all over the world. My India-based vision has had to expand and evolve. Now, I call my work Transformation Coaching – a process of self-discovery and growth to clarify and align who you are with what you do. I know now that the one-on-one attention of coaching is still the optimal way for individuals – students, professionals, entrepreneurs, public servants alike – to experience and implement transformation in all aspects of their lives.

My clients are highly motivated, result-oriented successful individuals. In addition, they are committed to growth, to becoming a better version of themselves. And that is why they have chosen to find a coach – to grow! My coaching style – whether you experience it in a one-on-one session or in a group event – can be summed up in three simple steps. One, I help my clients to assess where they currently benchmark as a leader. Two, I work with them to identify where they want to be in the short and long term. Three, I ensure that they achieve and even surpass those thresholds. My work is not to provide answers – it is about ensuring that my clients learn to listen to their own inner coach – that is the transformation! My clients learn life-long habits and skills to continuously grow on their own – both personally and professionally.

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