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Transformation Coach

  • About Me:
    A homemaker turned corporate professional turned #personal #coach, my journey has inspired me to get into a second innings career. Having reached career crossroads, as an Heading CSR, Offsite Project coordinator and Assistant to the top management, and with no further scope for rising nor aligned to changing jobs, I invested in a personal coach to find my road map ahead.
  • Testimonials:
    What I know about Nandini is that she is a finisher. She will judge and assess and take information in the start, before she takes up something. And once she takes up something on hand , she will make sure it reaches the shore. That speaks about her commitment in my experience. People for her are not subjects, they are humans. And she has the ability to get into people’s world, experience their experience , and support in creating a new effective world of them. A complete people’s person.
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday
  • Credentials:
    Certified Life Coach

Nandini Rao:(Coach and Mentor) My coaching legacy is to create a future for my country where unemployment is no longer present.

I have a vision of a country where every citizen is a responsible citizen.  where responsibility towards oneself, family, society, nature, country is embedded into their DNA.

A country of citizens where the glory of the rich Indian traditional culture is married successfully to the ever changing technological scenario and India reclaims its rightful place back as a Superpower of the world.


From a sad, embittered, sarcastic, rude, arrogant person to the kind, compassionate, popular, loved, approachable person that I am today, is because of constantly living the life of a Transformation Coach. I walk the talk with my clients and do not give up easily on them or the ardors of their journey.

After 27 years of a career in several corporates, I got out of the working grind to walk the path of my life’s calling – that of being a Transformation Coach.  Being in the training and coaching industry since 2015 and having coached 300+ people into creating their transformed lives, I dream of a country where every parent and every teacher is a trained life skill coach, raising empowered and enriched citizens of the future.

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