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Priyanka Kabra | Therapeutic Movement Facilitator

  • About Me:
    I am Priyanka Kabra, also known as Priyanka Joy Consultant. I’m a Therapeutic Movement Facilitator (Creative Movement/Dance Therapist), certified by Creative Movement Therapy Association of India, CMTAI and International Dance Counsel, CID, UNESCO, Paris.
  • Brief Description:
    Dance/movement therapy is a creative alternative for counselling and self-healing. It is proved to gain better and faster results than counselling and is increasingly practiced worldwide. 
  • Credentials:
    Certified by Creative Movement Therapy Association of India, CMTAI and International Dance Counsil, CID, UNESCO, Paris. & World pranic healing foundation.
  • Opening Hours:
    11:00 am - 7:00 pm-Monday to Friday
  • Testimonials:
    1. It was amazing first day introduction session by priyanka. I am happy to attend it. Can't wait for coming days. - Mridula Rao 2. Find happiness in little things. Special thanks to Priyanka for giving stress buster dance therapy session. - Anmol Saxena 3. Each and everyone is really enjoying it. Those children just wait for your class. Thanks a lot. For such a great contribution and amazing work from your end - Kiyomi Kothari

Priyanka Kabra:(Therapeutic Movement Facilitator) is also known as Priyanka Joy Consultant. Certified by Creative Movement Therapy Association of India, CMTAI and International Dance Council, CID, UNESCO, Paris.

What is Dance Movement Therapy?

Dance/Movement therapy based on the belief that the body, mind, and soul are interconnected, treats a wide range of behavioral, emotional and mental health conditions, which is increasingly in need in today’s time. This generation is well aware of the importance of maintaining mental health as equally and physical health.

When and if you can’t process your store emotions, is what creates the most mental and physical disturbances that we face in daily life. This therapy provides an outlet to channelize those emotions through body movements and gives you a chance to express, be heard, and let your emotions flow in a safe secured space.

In a simpler definition – Dance/movement therapy is a creative alternative for counseling and self-healing. It is proved to gain better and faster results than counseling and is increasingly practiced worldwide.

Benefits and Advantages of Dance/Movement Therapy –

1. Increases Self-confidence/Self-esteem

2. Initiates Deep Rooted Self Awareness

3. Controls Hyperactivity

4. Helps to deal with Eating Disorder

5. Building positive Body Image Perception

6. Reduces Stress/ Depression

7. Helps to deal with Anxiety Disorder

8. Initiates Body Awareness & Mindfulness

9. Develops Creative Imagination

10. Helps to deal with social challenges

11. Helps in Mood management

12. Initiates Emotional Expression/ Emotional Awareness

13. Body and mind coordination

14. Building Concentration and Memory


What do we do in the Therapy/Sessions?

Dance/Movement Therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the body’s natural movement and incorporates the activities like warm-ups, mirroring, dancing with other people and props, moving through space, trust exercises, body rhythm, and hand gestures which are therapeutic and help in releasing stress. These increase range of motion, body coordination, concentration and spatial awareness, memory, and group coordination. Dancing together helps to gain self-esteem and confidence while sharing thoughts, ideas, and stories through one’s body.

The highlight of the module – “Moving your emotions through your body.”

  • “No judgment policy” – If you have a habit of judging too soon too easy. This particular therapy won’t be effective for you as well as others. 1. You will spend your time judging and won’t be able to explore your deeper self. 2. We want our clients to feel safe and the judgment energy can be easily sensed.
  • “Open in heart & mind” – We can only improvise our life when we begin to be open to new things, new ways, new people, and accepting new opportunities to become a better being and hence lead a better life.
  • “Being your authentic self” – We all have put a mask and covered ourselves to be somebody we are not to live in the society. We encourage our clients to be whatever, however, they want to be. With us, Unmask yourself!

Energy Exchange –

1. Group Development:

1-hour introduction seminar – Free (No fees involved)

3 days session – 3 hours – 3,500/- per person

12 days (5 days in a week, 36 hours) – 3 hours – 9,500/- per person


2. Individual Development:

For 1 hour session – 600/-


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