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  • Credentials: Sunidhi Mehra is a Gurgaon based Tarot Reader, Reiki Healer & Teacher, Life Coach, Meditation Expert, and Counsellor. Sunidhi began her journey as a Reiki Healer 16 years ago when she learnt the spiritual healing technique from her father and mentor Shri Ashwani Mehra, who has been in this profession for the last 23 years. At an early age, she began healing people in Reiki camps and seminars organised by Holistic Healing Centre throughout the country. When Sunidhi stepped into the realm of Tarot Reading 14 years ago, she had already established herself as an exceptional Reiki healer. Her spiritual bent helped her dig into the depths of Tarot, adding to the meaning of each card her own insight and intuition. This blend of spirituality and Tarot makes her reading accurate, practical, and to-the-point, but not without a touch of mysticism. She has regular engagements with newspapers, magazines and radio stations for periodic as well as event-based Tarot reading sessions. After working with 94.3 MY FM for four years, she is currently the official Tarot Reader for the US and Canada-based international radio station Mera Sangeet. She has also been involved in 300+ meditation events organised by Holistic Healing Centre in all nooks and corners of the country. As a Counsellor and Life Coach, she holds 1-to-1, couple, and group sessions, and is often invited for giving guest lectures at educational institutions, and corporate and civil society events. She is widely acclaimed for her expertise in handling career and relationship related issues. Sunidhi has been working tirelessly for the cause of women empowerment and gender equality and has twice been conferred with the prestigious “Young Achiever Award” for her contribution to the society. Her mantra in life is simple – when you give the world the best you have, the best always comes back to you.

Sunidhi has 14 years of experience as a professional Tarot Card Reader. Her clientele includes people from all walks of life and from all across the globe.

Sunidhi reads Tarot Cards on all topics varying from marriage, health, business, relationships and career. You can ask questions about any aspect of your life and also on behalf of a loved one. She regularly provides updates about her availability at her centres in Gurugram, Mumbai, and Amritsar.

You can visit her center for a 1-to-1 reading or avail her services through Telephonic Reading.

What is Tarot

Tarot is a form of divination via a deck of cards. The illustrations on the cards contain symbols, images, and patterns, and tell stories, and have several potential meanings that help the reader realize what the God, angels and the holy spirits want us to know. It is a tool that helps the reader to comprehend spiritual messages.

How can Tarot help you

Tarot is not about revealing a predestined future. It is a tool for practical guidance, confident decision-making, and timely, decisive action. Tarot does not predict the future. It predicts the future that you are creating right now – and you can make the right changes to create the best future for yourself!

Suppose you are confused between two Options – A & B. Tarot does not predict the path you’ll eventually tread on but indicates the probable outcomes if you choose either of the two options. The final decision, and hence the power to create your destiny, always rests in your own hands.

The purpose of Tarot is to Illuminate, Guide, and Empower.

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