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Siddhii Shaah | Yana’s Healing Studio

  • Brief Description:
    Siddhii Shaah - Yana's Healing Studio is known for psychic readings, healings, and workshops.
  • Testimonials:
    Siddhi is a wonderful teacher with immense patience... she doesn’t get tired answering same questions and doubts again and again.She is thorough with her subject and knowledge whether its Money Reiki ,Angel healing ,oracle card reading ,Dragon reiki n celestial dragons... I took up various classes with her and I’m fully satisfied .. I wish her all the very best for her upcoming modalities ..
  • Opening Hours:
    Weekdays: 9.00 am - 2.00 pm & 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm | Weekends: 9.00 am - 2.00 pm
  • Credentials:
    Founder of the Celestial Dragons Healing System • Lama fera Grand Master • Reiki Grand Master • Akashic Records Reading Master • Magnified Healing Teacher & Practitioner • Numerologist • Multimodalities Reiki Master

Siddhii Shaah: Yana’s Healing Studio (Spiritual Healer and Coach)

Siddhii Shaah is a gifted Psychic Medium and Spiritual Mentor, who was introduced to the field of energy and Yana’s healing at a very young age. Today, she imparts knowledge and attunements with many celestial beings such as dragons, angels, unicorns, elves, fairies, centaurs and more! She excels at working with different dimensions.

She’s known for being a channel for Angels and Dragons, conveying their help in many ways. Guided by Dragons, she has created a Dragon Healing modality called The Celestial Dragons. She provides all of this through her platform, Yana’s Healing Studio.

People from different countries, beliefs and languages have benefitted from Siddhii’s knowledge and practical understanding. Her style of teaching is compassionate and dedicated, giving simple and effective teachings, making sure that her students get what is best for them. She is known to go the extra mile to ensure their benefit.

She is well known for her Psychic Readings, Healings and multiple Training Sessions/ Workshops on Alternative Healing Modalities.

A . Reading & Consultation through Angel Cards, Oracle cards, and Akashic  Records

B.  Healing and Attunement – Proficient in healing people with various mental/emotional/physical/financial & relationship struggles through
1. Energies and guidance from entities such as dragons and angels
2. Psychic empowerment,
3. weight reduction, Energy facials & curls(New).
4. Inner goddess healing (Goddess archetype),
5. Karmic pattern healing,
6. Pregnancy & (Pre-mature) Infant healing,
7. Forgiveness & gratitude exercises,

C. Workshops
People’s favorite and continuously booked workshops like
1. Akashic Records,
2. Oracle? cards reading,
3. Angel miracles Level 1 – 2 – 3,
4. Celestial dragon workshop – Guidance & Healing,
5. Unicorn healing,
6. 10- Goddess attunement,
7. Usui Reiki (traditional),
8. Lama fera (Level 1 to grandmaster),
9. Humkara haleem,
10. Magnified healing by Lady Quan Yin,
11. Quan yin lavender healing,
12. Subconscious re-programming,
13. Energy management & healing ( Chi & Qui method),
14. Multi-Modality Reiki and much much more.

A Few of  her Reading and Healing sessions are 

  •  Dreams Interpretation Session – (30 minutes)

Sometimes funny, sometimes gloomy but always very interesting. Dreams have a lot to tell you about the persona, future and life’s purpose.
There are varieties of ways your subconscious mind tries to connect with you. And dreams are one of them.
If you have had some gripping dreams and need to find the hidden messages from it. You can take my Dreams Interpretation Session.

  •  Angel Card Reading

From finding answers to the questions to receiving messages and guidance. Here’s a great reading for you. What’s more?! There’s an energy reading included too.

  • Goddess Isis Attunement (Energy Exchange)-

This attunement is a deep heart healing that will release those most painful parts that have been closed and blocked. It awakens psychic ability, healing gifts and raises you to a higher vibration The chakras are balanced and in harmony.

It recalibrates you at a cellular level and restructures your DNA., Activates the Divine Feminine, both individually and into Mother Earth This attunement will assist in correcting your relationship to power and creation

  • Heal your Curl Concerns

All of us come with a unique pattern of our curls that we can learn to manage gradually and by the time we learn to manage it, it may be the time to change to a new routine. It really gets tiresome!  How ‘bout healing programs and a supercool Hair mask that can make every day a good hair day,a variety of healing solutions + an amazing product that can help your hair go from frizz to nourished.

  • Money Healings with Animal Welfare Energy Exchange (7 days)

combine healings of many different powerful modalities to perform these sessions such as Dragon healings, Ashta Lakshmi Reiki, money reiki and Humkara with haleem.. It will be 7 days live money Healing sessions.

  A  glimpse of  her wide range of services provided –

1. Psychic Energy Empowerment Sessions – (11 days)

Boost your psychic powers and take further steps to empower your readings and healings.
Double up your psychic abilities to guide your clients, by tapping into power of this new healing package for you.
These energies from 5th dimension are guided by Lady Quan Yin and will help us further boost up our psychic powers.
In these 11 days group healing package, you will be individually given healing jewels and energies that work directly on your third eye and psychic vision.

2. Unicorn Healing System Workshop (3 hours)

Unicorn attunement helps us with the energy of renewal that helps us in areas like –
a)Bring good health, wellness, empowerment.
b)Connecting to your soul, spirit, and god most high.
c)Speed up Manifestation.
d)Healing and cures diseases.
e)Raises your Vibrations
f)Attract love, Improve Relationships.

3. Identify, Awaken and Nurture your Inner Goddess-(In 1 week )

Inner Goddess online course, I’ll help you identify and tap into your own divine gifts and pull strength from and embody goddess archetypes, from throughout mythology and history whether harnessed from within or around you.

4. Angel Miracles Workshop with Siddhii Shaah–(Power-packed 14 Hours Workshop)Attunement with Archangel Metatron, Module on Accessing Past Life Records with Angels,

  • Angel Connection & Communication,Angel Invocations + Prayers,
  • Energy work & Cord cutting with Angels,
  • Meditations & Negativity Removal,Understanding & Working with Archangels,
  • Working with Guardian Angels,
  • Angel Numbers,
  • Making your guided & Personal Oracle Messages Jar,
  • Angel Prayers with Candles,Working with Herbs & Oils,Angel Crystals,
  • Relationship + Prosperity spells with Angels.

5. Money Manifestation + Money Reiki  Workshop –Money Manifestation exercises by Siddhii that includes Subconscious Mind work and release of Money Blocks and Manifestation techniques on the first call and then moves to learning all levels of Money Reiki. It’s goal is to create financial abundance. It’s energies have helped many  with the ability to earn and manage money effectively, in ways that support your highest good.

6. Oracle Card Reading –(Power-packed 20 Hours Workshop)

  • Connection & Communication with Angels, Dragons, dieties or other celestial beings
  • Angels Invocations + Prayers
  • Energy work & Cord cutting with Angels
  • Meditations & building a connection
  • Understanding & Working with Archangels
  • Angel Numbers
  •  Angel Oracle Cards Readings
  •  Understanding and connecting with different decks,
  • Making your guided & Personal Oracle Messages Jar,
  • Cards Spreads and understanding of Positions,
  • Angel Crystals
  • Practice sessions

7 . Learn to heal your Karmic Pattern-With Quan Yin’s Lavender Flame Workshop

Quan Yin’s Lavender Flame is a powerful yet gentle healing modality which can be used alongside Reiki or any other means of energy healing. As the Goddess of Compassion, Kwan Yin helps you become a compassionate healer. Through your heart-the seat of compassion-Kwan Yin guides you in healing yourself and others.

8. Ashta Lakshmi Reiki Workshop

This energy will help you with the following 8 channels:

  • Dhan – wealth like money
  • Dhanya – grain
  • Sahas – courage
  • Gyan – education
  •  Siddhi – success
  • Santan – progeny
  • Bhagya – luck
  •  Shanti – peace
  • and thus making life filled with bliss, joy, peace, abundance and spirituality


Distance attunement/Digital manuals/bonus meditation/Digital certificate.

9. Lama Fera Workshop (Level 1 ,Level 2, Level 3)

LAMA-FERA : A beautiful combination of Lord Buddha’s energies & powerful ancient Indian Symbols, different techniques or levels in Lama Fera We have acquired the knowledge of all the techniques taught by every renowned Lama Fera master

Some of the benefits of this –

  • Relives pain and discomfort of chronic diseases.
  • Removes evil spirits and purifies home, office, shop etc
  • Overcomes fear , anxiety, stress and mental tensions.
  • Increases memory and imagination in children and adults.
  •  Assist in reconnecting with your higher self.
  •  Detoxify & clean physically, mentally & emotionally by releasing suppressed or accumulated toxins, of body and mind, thus brings the body into harmony.
  • Releases depression, fear in dreams, unknown fears, all types of chronic diseases, memory loss.
  • Reduces the adverse effect of curses, vows, Black Magic, before time of death.


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