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– Are you unhappy/unsatisfied even though you have a successful career/family life?
– Did you know that you take better decisions when you are calm and composed?
– Did you know that Emotional Intelligence is among the top 10 skills needed for a successful career?
– Did you know that knowing and using your strengths will significantly improve your chances of having a successful life?
– Did you know that improving EQ will help you take better decisions and strengthen your relationships?

This powerful and unique 2-stage coaching program combines Emotional Intelligence and Strengths with your life/career goals and brings about a change within your inner self – thus making you calm and composed. It transforms you from within and helps you become more independent. A change from within is always long-lasting.

You can opt for any of the below coaching options.
1. Complete Transformation Program
2. Career Transformation or Personality Transformation Program
3. Goal based coaching

The programs # 1 & 2 are 2-stage programs.
Stage 1:

This stage involves 4-6 weekly sessions of 2 hours each. These sessions are more introspective in nature. At the end of this stage, you will have:

# Your goal(s)
# Action Plan to achieve your goal (s) based on your personal strengths and/or Emotional Intelligence

Stage 2:

This is the implementation stage where the progress on action plans is monitored through 10 monthly coaching sessions of 1 hour each.

Get in touch with me to know more about the program, costs and payment plans.


  • Team Coaching
    Rs. 15,000.00
  • Life Coaching
    Rs. 4,500.00
  • Leadership Coach
    Rs. 25,000.00


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