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Shrradha Sidhwani | Psychologist

  • About Me: I am a certified Psychologist & Psychotherapist practicing in Bandra West, Mumbai. I am certified from the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). I have been formally trained in Rational Emotive Behavioral therapy (REBT) and am an Associate Fellow and Supervisor from the AEI Institute, USA.
  • Brief Description: "We provide services for the following categories: Individual Counselling, Pre-Marital / Couple Counselling, Teenage / Youth Counseling, Parental Counselling, Group Counselling, Supervision for REBT Therapist, Play Therapy for Young Children"
  • Credentials: Certified Psychologist & Psychotherapist 
  • Opening Hours: 9.30 Am T0 12.30 Pm & 4.00 Pm To 7.00 Pm On Weekdays & Weekends - Not Working
  • Testimonials: 1. Very nice experience 2. A very good Clinical Psychologist in Mumbai.  3. Shraddha is the best Psychologist & a good human being.

Shrradha Sidhwani: Psychologist

Therapy sessions help clients deal with issues related to anxiety, anger, depression, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, stress, and addiction issues. Work-related issues such as burn-out, insomnia, lack of confidence, and not performing with utmost capacity are dealt with in individual sessions. Clients who have a perfectionist attitude and goals or may have difficulty delegating work or working in teams can seek guidance.

Pre-Marital / Couple Counseling – Marriage counseling helps clients address issues in their relationships such as lack of communication, lack of sex, and dealing with matters related to infidelity.

Couples who need guidance for Pre-marital issues such as handling the lifestyle changes maintain a work-life balance are encouraged for Pre-marital counseling. Couples do not necessarily come with their partners. An individual session can be scheduled to handle issues of the marriage. With the ongoing changes in society and changes in the bio-physiology of the human body teenagers are encouraged to deal with peer-related problems.

Issues related to anorexia and other eating disorders along with anxiety may be prevalent and are addressed. Feeling low, losing appetite, and having extreme negative thoughts along with self-harming behavior are addressed with CBT techniques. Academic-related difficulties of study pressure and applying to universities and coping with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Dyslexia are dealt with from a young age.

Sexual -orientation and gender identity disorders are some of the most difficult issues at this age which are handled in therapy with a non-judgmental attitude. Addiction to gaming, mobile, internet apps, and substances such as nicotine are also part of youth counseling.


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