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Dr. Sheba Singh | Psychologist

  • About Me:
    Dr. Sheba Singh’s approach is friendly, warm and approachable. Based on the individual’s needs, she redesigns her approach for ease of understanding and establishing a connection. She follows an eclectic approach, while keeping Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as her main therapy.
  • Testimonials:
    I have known Dr Sheba Singh for almost a decade now. We have worked together professionally for so many clients now. I am extremely impressed with not only her clinical skills and efficiency in dealing with clients but also her out of the box approach when dealing with difficult situations She is an extremely empathetic counsellor and helps each person who comes to her to resolve their issues as well as learn skills with which they can manage their lives on their own.
  • Opening Hours:
    Monday-Saturday-Morning: 10 am to 1 pm Evening: 4 pm to 8 pm
  • Credentials:
    Dr. Sheba Singh is a Ph.D. holder. She has won Gold Medal for her academic achievements in Masters in Psychology.

Dr. Sheba Singh:(Psychologist)

Multi-disciplinary experience, across academia, government, and extensive practice in psychological consulting. Having born to academicians, was passionate about academic pursuits and so formative years (after Ph.D.) were spent in teaching at a slew of colleges and universities, coaching and deliberating case studies with young psychology learners helped in validating theories and mentoring them.

Down the line became interested in studying the relevance and application of theory so joined Punjab State AIDS Control Society, Chandigarh to impart and study the impact of public policy. Led focused healthcare campaigns in creating social awareness of AIDS amongst the at-risk population. Engaging on-ground with voluntary networks and patients helped in empathizing and understanding perspectives, diverse to teaching.

Since then, whilst practicing as a mental health consultant, she has also been mentoring young students to intern with me.

She regularly conducts talk shows for corporate clients on creating more awareness about mental health issues amongst co-workers and encouraging delegates to reach out to specialists in case of need. The purpose is to actively contribute to removing stigma tagged to mental health in India by encouraging seekers to rise to seek solutions to their psychological issues than fighting them in solitude and agony.



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