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Psychologist and Life Skills Coach Psychologists

  • About Me: I am a trained Psychologist who derived passion in what I do by challenging my intrigues in Human Study and developing the skills like observation, empathy, Emotional Quotient, unconditional positive regard and the go-getter attitude in life.
  • Credentials: MA Psychology with a specialization in Counselling
  • Opening Hours: weekdays / Week ends: - 8am-10pm
  • Testimonials: My customers really appreciate my work and found very faithful and satisfactory to my knowledge.

Diva Goel:(Psychologist and Life Skills Coach) Counselling /Therapy : Self awareness, Family and Marriage, Relationships and Dating, Career.
Life Skills Training: Confidence, self concept, motivation, Aggression, Behavior Modification

– Addressing all issues related to personal, marital, relationship, career, force-driven and family
– First call consultation will be introductory with a brief case history and listing out details
-Follow up calls will be as the case progresses till conclusion
-Life Skills session will be a concise study on any particular life skill brought to attention or Skills which need to be improved on

– Counselling and Therapy: I will focus on the deep rooted issues of clients by using an eclectic approach as well as address the concerns in hand
– Life Skills Coaching:

I will focus basic life Skills as given by the directorate of education with children and focus on discoverable issues with adults and help each overcome their barrier.

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