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  • Credentials: I have 23 yrs of experience in the psychological & counselling.
  • Opening Hours: 12.00 - 3.00 Weekdays
  • Testimonials: My customer are very satisfied from my practice
  • Brief Description Shraddha is dynamic, energetic & highly intuitive personality. She is dealing various types of healing modalities, metaphysics, counselling, psychological matters & also conducting many workshop for the people with noble reasons to connect with their higher-self.

Shraddha is a excellent & qualified trained clinical psychologist, Life transformational coach, having 23 yrs of experience in the psychological & counselling. She is working in parapsychology, Psychology, & occult science. Also, expertise in many Healing modalities, Reiki Grand Master, Energy Healer & Occultist. As on carrier point, she had completed her post-graduation degree in Clinical Psychology, Medical psychiatry, psychological counselling, Master in Human resources & Labour Studies, & many certified courses in the field of healing modalities.


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