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Psychological Counsellor

  • Brief Description:
    Career Counselling Centres, Counselling Services, Education Counselling Services, Psychological Counselling Services, Relationship Counselling Services, Counselling Services For Children, Parent Child Counselling Services, Depression Counselling Centres and much more.
  • Credentials:
    Psychologist ( Ph.D. ), Consultant Nutrition and Health Science., Doctorate in Naturopathy, Therapist ( Body, Muscle, Pain Management and General Trauma Consultant )
  • Testimonials:
    1. Excellent 2. Very Good
  • Opening Hours:
    9.00 am - 6.00 pm On Weekdays & Weekends

In India, Way2Brain is the pioneer in introducing this online scientifically proven and useful test, which can form the very basis of all student counseling issues. Many universities like Primagama in Indonesia have made this test compulsory for students. Counseling psychology is a psychological specialty that encompasses research and applied work in several broad domains: counseling process and outcome; supervision and training; career development and counseling; and prevention and health.

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