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Power of ordinary mind Emotional Wellness, Mind Power Coach

  • Credentials: Doctorate in Psychology Masters in Counselling Psychology NLP Formator NLP Master Practitioner Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner

Dr. Amit Sharma
I am an ordinary person with an ordinary mind like all of us. I also went through lots of ups & downs, be it in the relationship, be it in career, be it in family life.
But you know what?
I spent a lot of time went to lot of places and met with lot of people to get back control over my life.
During this journey which I often refer as self pilgrimage I experienced and learned lot of self help and self discovering techniques from the renowned Masters.
But guess what, I didn’t have any one person as Amit with me; my all great guides were from different ideologies, with different views and techniques about self discovery. They all are effective yet sometimes the methods were contradicting with the learning of my previous guides. At this moment I decided to package ancient wisdom and latest techniques in simple and easy processes. And here with me, if you wish, you will be glad to do everything yourself and experience a new world to success in a very safe and soothing environment.
Ahem, The magic is that all the processes will be in a time limit which you will know beforehand, may it be 30 seconds or 90 minutes, Yes that is all the time you will wish to invest for learning the way to success by solving your problems and take control over real life situations.
What I am offering is an immediate experience, not any philosophical thoughts or theoretical ideas.
With me you don’t necessarily have to share your entire life-stories and secrets, as with my own experiences I know it is not really required, all you need is to lift your first foot towards the world of success and self discovery. Do you want to experience the magic? It’s in you, I am just a facilitator.
So, now the wait is over, experience a new you in you.
That’s the Power of Ordinary Mind.


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