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Geeta Seth | Nutritionist | Dietitian

  • About Me:
    Hi I'm Geeta Seth. A nutritionist with 17 years of experience , currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Diet designing. Diet as per the body type, as per your lifestyle, as per likes n dislikes. Diet for every age, every health condition.
  • Credentials:
    More than 15 years of experience
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday
  • Testimonials:
    My customers really appreciate my work and found very faithful and satisfactory to my knowledge.

Geeta Seth:(Nutritionist | Dietitian)

Geeta is a qualified nutritionist and dietician for the past 15 years. A two times gold medalist in the field of nutrition. She is also a qualified diabetes educator and diabetes pump trainer, specializing in the field of diabetes. She claims to have a normal blood glucose in diabetics with the right diet to avoid diabetes complications further. Also with the right carbohydrate counting for type 1 diabetics according to their dose she gives the accurate diet to achieve normal glucose in the blood.

Geeta has worked for various health institutes and hospitals and till date she does not have a single failure in terms of patients.  As a speaker she has given nutritional services to various corporate institutes and schools.

Though being beauty contest winner in the past, Geeta believes that health and beauty is from within and is not purely connected to outer appearance. She does not believe in giving medicines for obesity and she thinks that the kitchen ingredients are enough to help for the same.

Geeta believes that generalized diets, starvation and boring routine do not help in the long run. Instead as per the person’s metabolism a unique diet is customized.

Geeta is committed to helping and serving the clients who want to walk the scientific path of health and wellness in life.


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