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  • About Me: I am ICF certified ACC Coach (USA). I have coached women across 5+ countries including Switzerland, Hongkong, UAE & South Africa. I enable women to transform from a Victim mindset to a Victor mindset to achieve quantum leap in their personal & professional life. I enable them bridge the leadership skills gap, mindset, leadership communication & powerful team management to propel their success being a magnificent leader. Having gone through paradigm shifts in my life journey, I understand value of change and the support it needs to achieve success.
  • Credentials: • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from reputed B-School. • Certified Life coach (ICF ACC). Member of ICF Mumbai Chapter. • NLP Practitioner (certified by Dr Richard Bandler). Member of International Society of Neuro Linguistic programming • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (EKAA) • EFT Practitioner (Centre of Excellence) • Psycho-Geometrics® -Tool for the art of communication (ISRA) • Sound Healing Practitioner (Tibetan Singing Bowl) • Metaphor Counselor & Therapist • Holistic & Spiritual Healing Practitioner (Reiki Grandmaster). • Mindfulness Meditation facilitator and practitioner
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday
  • Testimonials: Reshmma’s clear and structured coaching process, along with healing, helped me immensely in letting go of my past and changing limiting beliefs into enabling beliefs. . Coaching helped me create focus and gave clarity of my goal of getting job and to become a confident person. She has helped me at time when I was vulnerable and unwilling to let go of my past. The daily motivating messages she sent me kept me on track and charged up every day. I am very lucky to have Reshma as my Life Coach. Thank you for being my blessing in disguise.

RESHMMA GULATI:(NLP Practitioner | Mindfulness Coaching | Meditation) My healing practice started at a time when I needed to heal myself the most. I was at the peak of my career with a fulfilling job and at a life stage where I felt ‘settled’. I had gained the trust of my colleagues and each day was new and exciting. When I woke up each morning, I was happy and motivated to make the commute to work.

Life, however, had something different to offer. I started having major health issues and things just started falling by the wayside. It became an effort to get to work and on many days, it became an effort to get out of my bed. My heart was sinking and so was my health. It became so bad that finally had to quit my job.

With the loving support of my family, and timely treatment, I regained my health and was back on my feet after a few months. Now the vacuum of unemployment was my immediate challenge. At that time I decided to take up Reiki, not only to heal myself but to help others. One thing led to another and I trained to be a Life Coach and in NLP(Neuro linguistic programming). This became a turning point in my life and a mission to help others who may be facing life’s challenges like I did.

The fact is, all our lives are like being at sea, at times its calm and sometimes it is stormy. The storms give us our real test of resilience and inner strength, like my storm did. While it left no stones unturned in making my life topsy turvy, I survived and sailed through by diving into my personal power. On this journey I discovered the talents that I did not know I have.

Now armed with a sum of all my experiences so far, my training and my inner strength, I have found my life’s purpose in helping other’s find their personal power. Supporting people through discovery of their mettle validates my belief that this world needs healers, restorers, story-tellers and lovers of all kinds.

I am an Excellence and Wellness Coach (ICF Certified), with expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (accredited by Dr. Richard Bandler- the co-founder of NLP). I have also been actively practicing alternate healing (Reiki & Crystal therapy) and wellness since more than a decade. I have done MBA (Marketing) from a reputed B-school. I have more than 20 years of work experience with known corporate organizations.
I have always been recognized for my people development skills, where I empower my associates and clients to succeed. Having gone through many paradigm shifts in the journey of life, I understand the value of change. With my transformation journey of life I recognize that change, and specifically willing self-transformation is most difficult, and can be done only by winners. I believe that each one of us is a winner, we have the seed in us that needs to be nurtured to grow into a real living reality of success and fulfilment of our dreams.  
 I am very passionate about using my skills to transform lives, especially that of women, who face a multitude of challenges at every step and in every direction. My Life Coach Training combined with expertise in NLP techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can help direct people towards a life-long path of self-belief and positive life experiences.

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