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Narasimhan Dwarakanath-Counselling Psychologist

  • Credentials:
    More than 18 years of experience
  • Opening Hours:
    Monday-Sunday-10.00am to 01.00pm
  • Testimonials:
    Although I live in UK and have had many sessions with other psychologists, I was hesitant of the time difference and how Narasimhan would be able to understand my life style but as he has experience of living abroad he has always been able to adopt to my time difference and understands my life style. I have been having sessions with him for nearly a year and he has always been there for me to over come my problems, not just as a psychologist but also as a friend. Even replying to my texts. What ever problems I have I feel better after talking to him. I would highly recommend him.

Narasimhan Dwarakanath-Counselling Psychologist-is extremely zealous to bring the individual “inside out” and proficient in analyzing the individual problems and delivering the counselling session based on their psychological needs. He’s an ethically bound professional with 19+ years of experience, Also an enthusiastic activity-based trainer with proven skills in designing & conducting customized training programs geared towards optimizing the knowledge and operational efficiency of the client organizations.

He works towards the mental and emotional well being of individuals for sadness, anger, feeling lost, alone or isolated, confused mind block, irritability, sleep difficulties, mood swings, self harm thoughts, suicidal thoughts, relationship issues, career and performance-related issues, issues related to children, lack of intimacy, depression, panic attacks, OCD, bipolar, hallucination, delusion, and other psychological disorders.

All the psychological issues can be more effective with psychotherapeutic interventions which will last for about 45mins to one hour on a one to one basis in a safe and confidential environment.

Specializations Counselling Psychologist

EducationB.Sc – Bharathisdasn University, Tamilnadu

Master of Social Work – Bharathidasan University,Tamilnadu

Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and counselling – Annamalai University,Tamilnadu
M.Phil in Social Work – Bharathidasan University,Tamilnadu
Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management – Pondicherry University
Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration – Alagappa University,Tamilnadu

FAQs about Mr Narasimhan Dwarakanath
What languages does Mr Narasimhan Dwarakanath speak?Mr Narasimhan speaks English, Tamil, Kannada.
What qualifications does Mr Narasimhan Dwarakanath hold?Mr Narasimhan holds B.Sc, Master of Social Work, Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and counselling, M.Phil in Social Work, Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration.

How many years of experience does Mr Narasimhan Dwarakanath have?Mr Narasimhan has 19 years of experience.
Is it possible to consult with Mr Narasimhan Dwarakanath online?Yes, you can book a video or online consultation with Mr Narasimhan using DocVita. It’s easy, safe & secure.

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