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Millennial Marriage Coach

  • About Me:
    I believe all marital issues can be solved. I am a Millennial Marriage Coach and prefer to work with Individual spouse. Let me tell you I will help you not with advice, but explore new ideas, you need to execute them for which I will hold you accountable.
  • Brief Description:
    My programs of Pre Marital, Early Post Marital and Late Post Marital teach a married couple the important goals they must aim for a ‘Happy Ever after’.
  • Testimonials:
    Leena has been a saviour of our marriage and opened our eyes to tackle the issues in a better way.
  • Opening Hours:
    11.00- 2.00 Weekdays, 11.00- 2.00 Weekends
  • Credentials:
    India's Only Millennial Marriage Coach

Leena Paranjpe- India’s only millennial marriage coach, speaker, and author with over 20 years of experience in the domain. She assisted more than 2000 people so far with the belief that 95% of the marital issues can be solved and all of them have left with a positive approach towards life.

Her services are so specific and detailed as per the different stages of married life:-

Pre- Marital

Benefits of this Service

  • Get to know each other
  • Share future plans
  • Share preferences
  • Relate to beliefs
  • Secure a healthy future
  • Follow ‘no secret’ rule

Charges and Structure

Coaching- 5,199/ session
(Individual/Couple/Parents- personalized one time session)

Consultation- 10,599/session
(Individual, Couple and Parents- 5 sessions for a week)

Follow-up- 10,599/ session
(Individual, Couple and Parents- 5 sessions for 2 months)

Early Post Marital– Early post-marriage coaching addresses your dilemmas and future plans in marriage.

Benefits of this Service

  • Learn to address intimacy
  • Connect to your partner
  • Able to share your worries
  • Getting involve with your partner
  • Often interactions
  • Sense of responsibility

Charges and Structure

Coaching- 5,199/ session
(Individual/Couple- personalized one time session)

Consultation- 10,599/session
(Individual/Couple- personalized session once a week 3/6/12)

Follow-up- 10,599/ session
(Individual, Couple and Parents- 6 sessions for 3 months)


Coach Leena has been helping her clients to address their issues and overcome their biggest challenges through many ways. Leena took a vow along with all the married couples, to guide them in their journey of Marriage. To make them realize Relationship Goals and discover passion over the years. Marriage to her has always been a pure and beautiful bond shared by two individuals. she works to help couples in distress and coach them to aim at Relationship Goals for a better future. ‘Happily Ever after’ is what keeps her excited as a Marriage Coach.



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