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Prity D Sarkar | Mental Health Counselling

  • About Me:
    Prity D Sarkar helps to find new insights and skills to lead happier and more fulfilled lives. Whether you feel off or lost we can help you. We provide a safe, healing space for emotional expression, honest communication, and compassionate redirection.
  • Credentials:
    Specializing in Anxiety Treatment, Depression and Couples Therapy
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday
  • Testimonials:
    Help people to get more clarity in life or profession and free from confusion.

Prity D Sarkar | Mental Health Counselling

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. On the first day of school, going to a job interview, giving a speech, a problem at work, or before making an important decision may cause most people to feel fearful and nervous. But if your feelings of anxiety are extreme, last for longer than six months, and are interfering with your life, you may have an anxiety disorder.

Depression is classified as a mood disorder. It may be described as feelings of sadness, loss of interest, orShe provides  anger that interfere with a person’s everyday activities.

People experience depression in different ways. It may interfere with your daily work, resulting in lost time and bereavement or the loss of a job. It can also influence relationships and some chronic health conditions.

Major depression can cause a variety of symptoms. Some affect your mood, and others affect your body. Symptoms may also be ongoing or come and go, can be experienced differently among men, women, and children.


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