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Life Coach | Mindfulness Teacher | Professional Speaker

  • About Me: As a Keynote Speaker, I have delivered talks on Mindfulness, Meditation, Life Vision, Power of Kindness and Manifestation at Organizations like CBRE, Cordova, Herbalife, LinkedIn local Hid, Oakridge International School, International School of Hyd, name a few. I conduct transformative workshops "Life, by design!" and "Sound of Music" to help people on the path of Healing, Self-discovery, and Transformation.
  • Credentials: Masters in Business Administration from Osmania University, India Certified Happiness Coach from Berkeley Institute of Wellbeing, California Certified Therapist from International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine Certified Energy work healer from Yoga Vidya Foundation, India Vipassana & Tai chi practitioner since 7 yrs. Certified NLP Practitioner Silva Mind Control Method Practitioner Rapid Transformation Therapy by Marisa Peer Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday
  • Testimonials: Mallika Rao, a radiant Life coach. She is very intuitive and knowledge in a field which throws up unique challenges. She brings in positive changes in the clients she works with.

Mallika Rao:(Life Coach | Mindfulness Teacher | Professional Speaker) Over a decade back I brought myself to the point of burnout juggling a career and a young family among other things. I was exhausted, dealing with splitting migraines, insomnia and unhappiness. I knew it is possible to have it all and the secret to a Happy and an Abundant life was out there. That is how my journey into personal development began and I have been committed to it for 12 years now. I have travelled and lived in different parts of the world and have had the pleasure of meeting and learning from some of the finest teachers & spiritual communities. The good thing about consciousness is that once it expands it can never go back to being what it was. It broadens your horizons. Once I discovered my potential and stepped into my power, life unfolded in beautiful ways. It transformed every area of my life, be it Career, Finances, Relationships, Inner peace & Health.

With a rich experience of Coaching with clients across the globe and over 16 years of experience in Holistic Wellness, Mallika is one of the sought-after Life coaches in the industry. Having traveled and lived in different parts of the world, she comes with deep perspectives and learnings from different cultures and Spiritual communities.

With her coaching, Keynote speeches, and Workshops, Mallika has touched 1000s of lives. Her private client list includes Entrepreneurs, Executives, Artists, and Media personalities. She is widely recognized as the calming force behind the success of many Corporate professionals and Entrepreneurial leaders. I now wake up everyday looking forward to amazing experiences and creating positive impact in this world. When my clients tell me – “You changed my life“, “I did not know I could do this“, “I can’t believe I am no more in pain, I am happy“, it thrills me beyond words and fuels my mission of opening a million hearts. I am living my best life & you could too….

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