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Mahesh Sharma : Certified Life Purpose Coach & EFT Practitioner

  • Brief Description:
    Personal Performance Coaching, Emotional Health & Well-being Coaching, Inherent Behaviour Specialist
  • Opening Hours:
    Weekdays: 9.00 AM - 9.00 PM (IST) | Wednesday off
  • Credentials:
    Internationally certified life purpose coach, EFT practitioner and workshop felicitator, Inherent Behavior Specialist

We are not victims. We are creators. If we put stress in our lives, we manifest disease. If we remove stress from our lives, we can remove the disease.
~ Bruce Lipton

Mr. Mahesh Sharma is an Internationally Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner & LIFE Purpose Coach, a workshop & keynote Speaker by profession. He is a Humanist, Researcher, and Nature Enthusiast by CHOICE. He is the Founder and Chief Mentor at Know Your True Self @ Research Academy, a research, education, and exploration entity in the fields of behavioral sciences, energy psychology, and the world of emotions. He is also the creator of the MEHAC – Mental & Emotional Health Awareness Campaign.

Through his work, he intends to help individuals, groups, and entities to be more authentic, more effective more understanding, and do achieve success with meaning and significance and more resilient and balanced emotionally and mentally.

He is looking forward to helping, assisting, and working with more individuals, entities, and groups to create more authentic, harmonious, practical, and useful changes for truly meaningful and significant results. He has been running his specialized workshops like LEARN EFT TAPPING ONLINE & THE STRONG CONNECTION to spread awareness about mental and emotional health and inherent behavior temperament for m0re than a decade.

Currently, these specialized workshops are being offered. The workshop dates are announced at the beginning of each month.

  1. Emotional Freedom Techniques – Learn EFT Tapping Online – 3-day workshop


    EFT Tapping by Certified Life Coach Mahesh Sharma

EFT Tapping is used for clearing emotional blockages, addressing root causes of diseases, eliminating fears and phobias, enhancing work performance, enhancing self-esteem and confidence, many other aspects of health and wellness, and attracting abundance.

It is one of the easiest modalities to understand, simple to use, and relatively fast methods to address the above-mentioned aspects. EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is based on the principles of acupuncture which involves activating the energy meridian by stimulating the acupoints on the body through fingertips while tuning-in the negative unresolved emotions.

  1. Strong Connection – Develop the Art of Connecting with People, especially with Your Own Self – 2 day Workshop 

This is a specialized workshop that has been carefully curated to understand how we are hardwired from birth to behave in a certain way and how our temperament affects almost everything we do in our lives. How many times have we heard that We are different or that We are special? But do we really believe that we are unique? And if we do believe – Do we act accordingly in our daily personal and professional lives? And even if we do act accordingly, are we able to see the world in its true sense rather than our own viewpoint alone? We as human beings are hard-wired to connect with others.

We can’t live alone. But A deep connection with others is not possible unless we are connected with our own self. Knowing and understanding the self is the first step towards knowing and understanding the world around us.

It is his Indian Army background and almost 10 years as an entrepreneur in various fields which encouraged him in taking the plunge into his lifelong passion of decoding the world of human behaviors and emotions. He has been involved along with the pioneers in spreading awareness about mental and emotional health among the masses in the country since 2005 and established his research entity,

Know Your True Self® Research Academy, in the year 2008. For more details about his work, his personal coaching approach, and his workshops and seminar you can always visit his personal website or his research portal

Learn How to 

  • Use EFT Tapping to treat phobias
  • use EFT Tapping to alleviate anxiety
  • use EFT Tapping to treat a wide variety of psychological issues: from depression to procrastination
  • use EFT Tapping to treat traumas and manage addictive cravings
  • use EFT Tapping to deal with negative self-talk
  • tap your acupoints in public without looking weird:)


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