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Dr. Ambrish Bhatt | Life Coach | Scientist

  • About Me:
    Dr. Ambrish K. Bhatt is a scientist by education & he has 14 years experience in the corporate world as a scientist & manager. Working intimately with people he is gained deep insights of ‘THE HUMAN SIDE OF HUMAN MIND’; this helps in tapping and utilizing individual’s potential for a purposeful and meaningful life.
  • Brief Description:
    Personal Counseling and Training in Counseling Effective Communication Skills ,Assertiveness Training ,Presentation Skills ,GD & Interview Skills ,Transactional Analysis ,Healthy Parenting Motivation ,Time Management.
  • Credentials:
    Ph.D. in Science from Mumbai University. PGDPC, Post Graduate Diploma in Personal Counseling from IHCA – Chennai.
  • Opening Hours:
    Monday to Saturday - 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. , Sundays not working.
  • Testimonials:
    1)Sir always give you a lot of confidence & motivation in pursuing your goals.Sir’s creativity & out of the box thinking has always fascinated me and continues to do so. Every time I meet Dr.Bhatt I always learn something new. Sir is a one stop solution for everything. 2)Caring, understanding and tells it as it is. He's got an amazing sense of humor. 3)He always made us feel special by expressing his happiness to share time with us! I must explicitly also state, that Dr. Bhatt not only is an amazing counselor but also a scholar in tickling his student’s, ohh sorry, his friend’s funny bones!

Dr. Ambrish Bhatt | Life Coach

A scientist by education, Dr. Bhatt has 14 years of experience in the corporate world as a scientist and manager. Since 1997, he is into Personal Counseling, Mentoring, and Training.

Dr. Ambrish K. Bhatt strongly believes that a MENTOR is a facilitator who helps an individual to cope up with his/her situation in HERE and NOW. The process of guiding is to identify the needs and goals and initiate alternatives to achieve the goal. The role of the mentor is to help the individual to help themselves.

Having had a fairly good experience as a Teacher, a Research Scientist, a Development Quality Control Manager, he has worked with people and gained deep insights into the ‘THE HUMAN SIDE OF HUMAN MIND’.

Currently, he is attached to various Mumbai university colleges and V.J.T.I. as an in-house counselor is to help students to cope up with their personal and professional problems.  He is attached to SPCE for the last 16 years as their in-house visiting counselor.

His work philosophy is primarily to help an individual to become aware of his environment and grow from DEPENDENCY TO INDEPENDENCY TO INTERDEPENDENCY.



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Overall Experience 5.0
  • Steve Fernandes
    04/05/2021 at 8:44 AM

    I wanted to share the experience of my first session with Dr Bhatt which was on Transactional Analysis (TA). Dr Bhatt conducted the session covering all the areas that he had scheduled, also bearing in mind “my pace” of understanding. I’ve been to other so-called professionals, however, they have a standard way of approaching my problem OR my life’s set patterns.
    I think what sets Dr Ambrish apart, is his vast experience, constant interaction with people and enriching his experience with his interactions. This only gives the one who is interacting with him a rich experience and in return, Dr Ambrish feels satisfied and happy. With every humane encounter that he has with his protégés (or students), he only becomes a part of you and increases your understanding of your transactions (also read as interactions) in life. Dr Ambrish finds his calling of a “life coach” truly meaningful while he keeps your life moving and will guide you wherever he can.

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  • Kushan Sen
    03/05/2021 at 9:48 PM

    An excellent coach and a compassionate human being. He dedicates ample time to hear you out and to understand your difficulties and challenges. He helps you make your own decisions and to find your way out of your problems.

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