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  • About Me: I (Shweta Gupta) am a certified Image consultant & Soft Skill Trainer from the renowned institute of (Image Consulting Business Institute, Delhi). I have been a professional for more than 18 years now and had been working in different fields such as HR, Marketing, Soft Skill Trainer, Strategic Planner, etc.
  • Credentials: certified Image consultant & Soft Skill Trainer from the renowned institute of (Image Consulting Business Institute, Delhi).
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday
  • Testimonials: Customers has always been interesting experience.

Shweta Gupta:(Image Consulting) After gathering experience in all the fields now I would like to empower people and their lives by teaching them the art of “The Walk, The Talk, The Wear.”

I enlighten people’s lives by touching the aspects of clothing, grooming, and body language and social etiquette of professionals like me,  which will not only boost their confidence but also enrich their lives and style by the way they dress up.

​I am a person with strong commitments and discipline towards my work. I am a humble, modest and capable person to handle any situation. I am a mature, dignified, independent, capable, approachable and trustworthy person. With all those qualities people always like to follow me and look up to me.

​I have been Post graduated by “Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship Development, Pune” in the field of HR, as I am the kind of person who believes that learning should never stop so I have completed my P.H.D in HR Management in the year 2012.

​I had been an entrepreneur for the last 11 years and was running one of the best Lounge & Restaurant in Faridabad, and now I have moved ahead with the scope of image consultancy of Corporate CEOs, Political personalities, Professionals and Students. The reason for choosing this field is simply to help people who have so much talent within however just because of lack or lapse in presentation skills they are left behind in this race of success.

​I am also trained for conducting one on one session or group sessions for soft skills. Training and development on soft skills have always been my interest area and now I am certified also in the same by NABET (ICBI), Delhi. II am a strong, confident woman with modern values. I am much appreciated and loved amongst my family and friends and people call me shining and smiling Shweta.

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