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Holistic Life Coach Mind Power Coach

  • About Me: Primarily, I am a seeker and an explorer! And here is my story becoming a certified life coach online! I was ambitious and a workaholic, and I loved every bit of my jam-packed life. I had a family I loved, a job I was great at, and all the empowerment I could dream of. Or so I thought! Simple life circumstances shook my ‘perfect’ world. From a successful corporate leader to a ‘mess’.
  • Credentials: ACC ICF Certified Empowerment Coach, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner, Positive Psychology Coach
  • Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm-Monday to Saturday
  • Testimonials: “I'm really very thankful to her. Where anyone could treat me as patient, she treated me like mother or you can say like a real friend. She realised me about my actual problem that was nothing. Thank you ma'am.” - Pritam Jaiswal

Shiwani (Kapur) Gurwara:(Holistic Life Coach)

I help people overcome their limiting thoughts and self-created barriers towards the success they want to achieve.
My coaching techniques are goal-focused, individual-centric, challenging, and directed towards personal growth and development. I am hugely passionate about the power of positivity and bring the power of CBT, positive psychology, and intuition.
I believe that each person is unique and can reach their maximum potential by exploring their specific strengths and overcoming their individual obstacles.

I specialize in the areas of:
– Stress Management
– Work-Life Harmony
– Empowerment
– Leadership Mindsets
– Career Direction & Management
– Spiritual Wellness

I coach people based on a structured yet flexible approach where we:
– Create goals
– Identify strengths and obstacles
– Explore strategies to overcome obstacles
– Identify and let go of limiting beliefs that may be holding you back
– Focus energy on what you really want
– Get practical and acquire skills and mindset that is needed for success
– Celebrate achievement of the goal

Working in the customer insight industry for more than 12 years fueled my inherent desire to understand behavior, motivations and human psychology. As I learned more about customer motivations and human behavior, I held positions responsible for guiding large businesses towards understanding their customer needs to create solutions that became popular. As the Vice President of the leading research group, I focused on team building, co-creating across strategic and operational teams and talent development.

The next few years were focused on acquiring experience in the area of psychology, coaching, CBT and positive psychology. With years of study and coaching behind me, I got my certification to be able to help people realize and discover their true potential to be great leaders in whatever they do.

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