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  • Brief Description: Read my astrology and mystical blogs for an exploration into the occult and the spirit world. As a spirit worker, tarot reader and healer who is here help and guide you through the matrix of life in this 3d samsaria.
  • Credentials: have experience in astrology and spiritual life around 10 years
  • Opening Hours: 12.00 - 3.00 Weekdays
  • Testimonials: My customer are very satisfied from my practice

As a spiritual guide and healer having delved into the occult history of tarot, runes and astrology, I have been a practitioner of yoga and meditation from childhood.

A mystic and occultist, I am a content Creator on numerous platforms from video to Blogs.

I seek to bring to you a synthesis of diverse traditions and systems ready for a contemporary and modern world synthesized and interpreted from ancient Knowledge


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