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  • Brief Description:
    Gita Parekh is an experienced psychotherapist who feels that there is no problem which is too big or too small. “If there is anything bothering you, I can help you deal with it.”
  • Credentials:
    Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling
  • Testimonials:
    "Gita is truly a great counselor who understands, evaluates and guides you on the correct perspective of things in your life. She brings a lot of self introspection in oneself which in turn leads to self realization and self improvement this bringing positive effects in your life."
  • Opening Hours:
    10.00 AM - 5:00 PM on Weekdays

I specialize in psychotherapy, counselling & tarot card reading. With the healing mind, body and soul you can progress to new heights through the “Talk Therapy”. With Talk therapy I will help you find someone you had lost along the way in life i.e., YOU!

I am a cancer survivor myself. My experience and knowledge give me belief and confidence, both in myself and in those who come to me with difficulties. I see myself as a catalyst or a facilitator in the process of people’s growth and in their achievement of comfort with themselves. The opportunity provided by my work, of knowing thousands of people, very closely, makes me feel privileged.

Psychotherapy is neither an art nor a science; it is a way of life. I provide counselling to anybody looking for answers, feeling angry, stressed, tired all the time or feeling like crying for no reason. I also specialize in combining numerology with psychotherapy to help people navigate the challenges presented in relationships, work, family, and physical illnesses. Therapy provides them with a space to explore and know themselves, get in touch with their thinking and feeling, make contact with their inner strength to take necessary actions and feel supported when they are making difficult decisions.

It is inevitable that adversities strike in life. I believe that each person has the ability to deal with and overcome the difficulties that thus arise. However, more often than not, we start focusing too much on the ‘whys’ and the ‘how’s’ of the problem, thus creating a web of thoughts in which we ourselves further get caught. The disturbance felt increases manifold.

My mission as a counselling psychologist is to aid in examining these thoughts in a broader perspective, so as to find a way out of the web, thus progressing towards enhanced well-being.

I use my experience of the following to help achieve my client’s well-being:

A. Counselling 

  1. Psychotherapy
  2. Student/Career Counselling
  3. Adolescent Counselling
  4. Marriage Counselling
  5. Anger Management
  6. Depression Counselling
  7. Stress Management
  8. Goal- setting/Time Management
  9. Emotional mind Counselling
  10. Cancer Counselling

B. Alternative Healing Therapies

  1. Tarot Reading
  2. Core Issue Therapy (Chakra Healing Therapy)
  3. Graphology – Handwriting Analysis
  4. Numerology
  5. Angel Card Healing.


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