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  • Brief Description:
    My mission is to empower 100000 entrepreneurs to live their highest vision of themselves expressing FREEDOM & JOY, so this world is an enriching place to be.
  • Testimonials:
    My customer are very satisfied from my practice
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    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday
  • Credentials:
    Life & Success Coach

EKTAA LAL | Success Coach

Hello, I am Ekta, a Jack Canfield Certified Trainer for Success Principles. I feel passionate about empowering people to live their highest vision so they can express freedom and joy. I feel sharing the success principles will enable people to find their purpose and follow it.

I am a speaker and a coach who drives people with inspiration, motivation, and a constant urge to keep acting on their goals.

A specially curated 12 weeks of 121 coaching Sessions for Entrepreneurs, so they can achieve their chosen results, find life balance, and have more fun time, without overwhelm and self-doubt.

If you are really committed and want to start achieving results in your business and =)

1) think that it’s your mindset that is holding you back

2) If you have worked on your Idea and have 3-5 clients and feel you are not consistent

3) If you have fear of success or failure or limiting beliefs that are holding you back

4) If you feel that you have a lack of time and too much to do, a

5) If you feel that you are distracted and not focused

If you are facing any of the above struggles and are committed to resolving them by investing in yourself…

Then I surely can help you!

Book a FREE call with me to map out your 90 days so you can achieve desired results. You will have the exact 2-3 steps that you can take right now in order to move the needle in your business.



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