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Dietitian Consultant Dietitian

  • About Me: I am a Registered Dietitian and Doctor that will help you solve your health concerns using a holistic combination of Diet, workout and medications if any. For diet and weight management consulting or dietary therapy for your problems
  • Credentials: Dr Sumaiya Petiwala is a Registered Dietitian with more than 12 years of experience in this field.
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday
  • Testimonials: My customer are very satisfied from my practice

Dr Sumaiya Petiwala(RD,CDE,BUMS) is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, General Physician (BUMS) specialist. She runs Nutricare Healthcare clinic in Mumbai and Bangalore which caters patients all over the world providing personal dietary coaching , family physician services and promotes homemade nutritional supplements using locally available ingredients. She also writes articles on health and nutrition as a freelancer. She has worked in various hospitals like KEM and GT in Mumbai and is currently practicing privately.

She is an Expert in: Nutritional Management to Preserve Health in children and adults, during pregnancy and lactation, and in oldage. Medical Nutrition therapy of all medical conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Anemia, Bone Diseases, Cancer, Critical illness, Nervous system disorders, Gastro Intestinal Disorders, Food allergy and food intolerance, Protein Energy Malnutrition, Metabolic Disorders, Ryles Tube (RT) nasogastric tube feeding, Nasojejunal (NJ) tube feeding and other tube feedings (GT, JT), Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), Weight Management etc.

Reasons to see a Registered dietitian



Blood pressure control


Women’s’ health (osteoporosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome)

Pregnancy (proper nutrition, management of gestational diabetes)


Gastrointestinal disorders


Eating disorders

Kidney diseases

Skin diseases

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