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    Ms. Geeta Shenoy is a Dietitian/Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist, and Wellness in Chembur East, Mumbai, and has experience 27 years of in these fields. Ms. Geeta Shenoy practices at Nutrition & Wellness Clinic in Chembur East, Mumbai. She completed B.Sc.- Dietetics' / Nutrition from SNDT Women's University, Mumbai in 1988.
  • Brief Description:
    We provide services for the following categories: Dietitians, Weight Loss Centres, Slimming Centres, Nutrition Centres, Clinical nutritionists, Obesity Doctors.
  • Credentials:
    BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, Post Graduation Diploma in Dietetics
  • Testimonials:
    1. I met Dr. Geeta Shenoy through the reference of my mother, Mrs. Hemlatha Vasudevan who has been consulting her for weight loss while paying heed to exist medical conditions. At the age of 34, two years after my pregnancy, I decided to lose over 25 kilos while suffering from hypothyroidism, vertigo, and shoulder, and knee aches. Although I was highly doubtful of any progress, Dr. Geeta helped me set reasonable goals in full cognizance of my situation, and her customized plan combined with regular weight training sessions at the gym started to show results. From May 2016 when I weighed over 85 kilos, I have lost a tremendous amount of fat and gained lean body mass, and reached an enviable weight of 67 kilos in November 2016 (a loss of 18 kilos in 7 months). However, I maintain that I have put in a tremendous effort to stick to her fool-proof, effective and practical diet plan and my exercise regimen with a fitness coach to achieve these remarkable results. 2. The beauty of Dr. Geeta's plan is that it is highly customized, subjective, in keeping with the medical conditions of her patients, and very practical. She prefers the method of detailed analysis and follow-up by comparing parameters like Lean Body Mass, Body Fat percentage, Body Water, Body Age, etc instead of the standard and out-dated method of taking measurements. The readings present an accurate understanding of one's current physical condition. Additionally, she spends a reasonable amount of time putting her patients at ease while coming up with effective diet plans to suit their daily dietary and work requirements. She does not provide impractical and dangerous methods for weight-loss thereby guaranteeing long-term, perhaps life-long results from following her advice diligently.
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    12.00 Pm To 3.00 Pm & 6.00 Pm To 8.00 Pm On Weekdays, Weekends - Not Working

Mirror on the wall, how I wish my flab to fall? After trying out various fad diets, tasteless liquid potions, body-breaking gym workouts, ready to use internet diet charts; your weight loss efforts have not made any impact on the weighing scale. So now, you have finally decided to take my opinion, as a nation, we are oil and fat-friendly people. All our Namkeen’s, Kachoris, Wada, Samosa, Puris, which are part of daily cuisine, are all fried.

Then again, we cook vegetables till they lose their original flavor, color, and texture, we love to see oil floating in curries Monsoon soon will be knocking at our doors! Dark clouds, strong winds, and heavy rains change into a lovely climate, and naturally, everyone longs for a plate of crisp bhaaji and a hot cups tea! But soon this romantic venture turns into a daily nightmare especially for parents of infants and school-going children. Incessant rains, flooding, and putrid garbage bring in a host of health epidemics like jaundice, typhoid, malaria, dengue, and other foodborne illness. With little support/ can be managed help from the family health of children well during this period.

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