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    At DIETWISE we understand that each individual is unique & has varied requirements for their health & Nutrition needs.And above everything else “Feeling good” about yourself. So we are a holistic health providers not a slimming & shaping Consultancy Company. With our almost two decades of rich experience in this field one can be rest assured that you are in right hands of certified professionals who have done their masters in this field & are not diploma or short term course self-proclaimed experts / quacks.
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    She has been featured in several big Magazines, Newspapers, Television Shows & Radio stations like Mumbai Mirror, Women’s Daily etc. She also is a voracious writer for many such publications. Zarna has led health & food shows like ‘Flabq’, ‘Health mange more’, ‘Health magazine’, ‘Becoming’ on Food Food channel which shot her to fame. She has voracious appetite for developing new healthy recipes.
  • Testimonials:
    Geetanjali Mishra Actor - "Dear Zarna are a great dietician. I really appreciate your work.I met you in 2013.i loved Your way of counseling. You gave me proper meal plans. you evaluate the affects of meal plans and change the plans as needed. You are the only person responsible for changing my mind towards fitness and health. When i met I got more knowledge related diet and fitness. Due to my busy schedule mostly I didn’t care about diet and all …But you have showed me the correct way and meaning of the word “Diet”. Being as a professional you are treating your client as a friend but always treating and behaving as best buddy. Because this your friendly beautiful nature your client follow you. This is the biggest plus point of yours.i really want to thank you from bottom of my heart.For me you are always one call away."
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    10.00 - 1.00 & 2.00 - 5.00 Weekdays

We understand what exactly you are looking to achieve when you come to us for guidance & gradually modify your diet plan to bring about permanent changes in your life to attain your goal for holistic health. We look at your medical & genetic history along with your current body composition to design a personalised programme which will give you best results without compromising on lifestyle be it to circumvent ageing, fat loss, muscle gain or reverse downward trends in ailment control like diabetes, arthritis or achieving other health goals.
Health is not statistics which should be analyse in numbers of age, weight, BMI, BMR etc it is much beyond that.  We believe in 5 pillars of fitness to achieve holistic wellness namely

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