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Career Counsellors

  • About Me: Manjula Ovalekar is a strong believer in learning and perseverance. She advocates the importance of creating one’s future through calculated and well-thought decisions. This is only achieved when a person puts to test his/her competencies and takes valuable lessons from them.
  • Brief Description: We provide top service in the following categories: Profile Evaluation, Counselling Session, Career Assessment, College admissions and scholarships advice, Test ,pattern syllabus and finalizing best strategy.
  • Credentials: Counsellor
  • Opening Hours: 10.00 am to 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm on Weekdays
  • Testimonials: 1) At, I was counselled by Manjula madam to show me the right career path. The knowledge and guidance imparted by her was not only helpful but also at the same time cleared doubts I previously had about choosing the right course. The site had enough content to help me choose the right course. It has various items for one to browse through and also has a variety of tests. I am truly thankful for the patience and time she has invested in me. - Akshaya Ramakrishnan Grade : 10 School : Euroschool, Navi Mumbai. 2) Ms. Manjula Ovalekar from has made me think about my future course of action. I was totally lost and didn’t know how do we start and when do we start. The moment I got in touch with her, I could see my goals fulfilling and the first step to climb the ladder has already started. Really appreciate her holistic approach along with a sweet smile by my side saying I am always there to guide you. - Reina Doshi Grade : 9 School : Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane. 3) I would like to say “Thank you" to Mrs. Manjula Ovalekar for her guidance in helping me finalize the stream selection of subjects for my Senior High School. She is very approachable, responsive and communicative. Mrs. Manjula had advised me to go through webinars that will give me information for future career growth after grade 12. Her knowledge about career options and Universities have been very informative. She is extremely professional towards all our needs. Having discussed on career options we were clear and pacified with advice and information she gave us. My parents and myself would highly recommend her services, and we will likely reach out to her in the future for further guidance. - Royce D’Souza Grade : 11 School : Our Own High School- Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In today’s competitive world, children have varied interests, aspirations, and dreams and sometimes it is difficult for them to express or logically explain their choice of career path leading to confusion and mayhem inside their minds. Career guidance is a developmental process that identifies the aptitude, facilitates the acquisition of attitudes, skills, and knowledge to help students better understand themselves while exploring viable education and career options that eventually result in making informed decisions with developed plans to achieve their career aspirations.

Career Counselling is an art of understanding the pain points of the students and guide them with advice and roadmaps for a successful career. Career Counselling is aimed at helping them determine their strengths, values, and interests in order to make choices regarding their career or major.

She provide services like

1) Profile Evaluation

2) Counselling Session

3) Career Assessment

4) College admissions and scholarships advice

5) Test ,pattern syllabus and finalizing best strategy

6) Guidance on the admission test process

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