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Counselling Psychologist

  • About Me:
    Dr. Anjana Prakash, a renowned counselor, is fully committed to her work. Her expertise in her job has enabled her to receive prestigious NATIONAL AWARD by Honorable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee in the year 2013. Besides this she has also received INDIRA GANDHI PRIYADARSHINI AWARD in 2008 by National Unity Conference, New Delhi, Best Citizen’s Award in2014 by International Publishing House New Delhi, The Eminent Educationist Award in 2007 by the International Institute of Education and Management, New Delhi, International Women Achiever’s Award in 2014 by Global Achiever’s Foundation at Tashkent.
  • Brief Description:
    We provide top service in the following categories: Parenting Counselling, Counselling children and adults Anger Management, Adolescent Counseling, Anxiety, Disorder Counselling Parenting Issues & Doubts Relationship Issues Counseling, Relationship Issues.
  • Credentials:
    MA - Counseling Psychology
  • Opening Hours:
    11.00 Am To 2.00 Pm & 6.00 Pm To 9.00 Pm On Monday to Saturday & 2.00 Pm To 9.00 Pm on Sunday
  • Testimonials:
    Dr. Anjana Prakash has a great sense of counseling on marriage issues and gives a practical, effective and satisfactory solution. Her compassionate and empathetic nature is evident in dealing with such a person. She is dealing very sensibly and effectively with the person having depression and aggression issues. She does her work with great passion and involvement and gives results. I will always be grateful for such input.

Parenting Counselling Counselling children and adults Anger Management Adolescent Counseling Anxiety Disorder Counselling Parenting Issues & Doubts Relationship Issues Counseling relationship Issues. Stress can be fatal and it affects all human beings. It’s important not to ignore Stress as it has severe health hazards. Stress management is an art that everyone can master with little professional help. A Psychologist can help each individual uniquely by analyzing their situation. Seeking timely help will not only avoid major health hazards but also make life smoother and happier Building Confidence: Your lack of confidence shows in your body language, in the way you communicate with others, and the way to present yourself. Many people can benefit from professional help is building or regaining confidence in life. There is no age bar. Right things can be done at any age to live a happier and more fulfilling life. A psychologist will help you integrate yourself and build your confidence and self-esteem. In order to be more successful and influential, you need to take mutually agreed-upon sessions with the psychotherapist.

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