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Child Psychologist Child Counselling

  • About Me: I am a Child Behavior Specialist at Pediatric clinics in Mumbai. I specialize in understanding child behavior and providing solutions. I have post-graduated in Counseling Psychology and done studies in “Science of Parenting”, “Child rearing” and “Developmental Psychology”. I have experience of having worked with many children in a daycare, school, and clinic setup.
  • Brief Description: We provide services for people who are affected by mental health problems such as depression, aggression, phobias, anxiety, Physical/psychosomatic disorders, learning difficulties, and behavioral problems.
  • Credentials: Post-graduated in Counseling Psychology
  • Opening Hours: 2.00 Pm To 8.00 Pm On Monday To Saturday & Sunday - Not Working.
  • Testimonials: 1. Dear Kiran, God bless you. The meticulous way you approach the untangling of my little one's mental and emotional threads is heightened by the amount of love and interest you have for making him a stable and content person, able to achieve his potential. Thank you so very very much for all that you have done for my child, and for me too!Love, 2. She’s always been so warm and helpful.. the best part being, she doesn’t start off advising, she will make you introspect and arrive at an answer, and then she would explain the theory behind it..!! It’s like empowering someone with finding the solution! Her way of interacting with both parents and kids has inspired me to look at parenting in such a beautiful way. I feel very lucky to have someone like her to help me out in understanding my kid better and also with parenting issues! Taking the opportunity to thank you… gratitude. 3. The moment I met Kiran for the very first time I sensed some extreme amount of positiveness from the lady by the way she spoke to us. I have seen her dealing with the kids with extreme patience, softness, and flexibility. I did consult her many times with my parental concerns and each time she made sure to give me time to hear me out and provide some simple parental advice that would work wonders. It was from her I could learn that if a particular behavior of your child bothers you, it's you who needs to counsel your mind first which will lead to parents not being harsh on kids, and instead we should try and understand what makes them behave in that way. She has the right kind of skills In terms of strong communication, counseling to make parents aware of reasons behind the child's behavior, and advice on appropriate steps that can lead to positive change. I always look forward to meeting her and speak to her on all issues related to my son and others too. I would suggest any parent meet her as she will be the correct person to go to for advice on the child’s behavior.

It is extremely difficult to be a psychiatric patient. And it is not easy to be the doctor of one either! A large percentage of care has moved from therapeutic to the preventive modality today. The target is to build stronger defenses, optimize coping mechanisms and construct superior fortitude from stressors. This helps construct endurance to deal with the stresses and strains of life. It ensures that problems never reach great magnitudes at all. Wellness is not about taking few pills every day or a wellness clinic visit every week. It entails adaptation and assimilation of the stressors as part of existence and using healthy coping mechanisms to combat them when troubles get out of hand. Duty to self Each one of us has the right to a positive, beautiful, and fulfilling life; to happiness and peace, to well-deserved success and merited prosperity. It is not merely a right, but also a duty to target our own positive psychological wellness. We are free to reach out for support and guidance to preserve our emotional wellness, build upon it, and repair it if the need arises. Everyone must take steps towards accomplishing this duty. When help is available, it is prudent to reach out and make the most of it. Duty to the self for self-nourishment and preservation comes first. Once you are strong, you can care for the rest of the world better.

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