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Relationship Coach

  • Brief Description: Life Coach (Relationships) and Senior Trainer, Soft Skills and Personality Development. Guaranteed success and satisfaction. Or, Money Back!
  • Credentials: : ICF accredited Relationship coach (in training) Senior Soft Skills Trainer certified by Indian Society of Training and Development
  • Opening Hours: 11.00 - 5.00 Weekdays, 3.00 - 5.00 Weekends

Atifa Deshamukhya ( Relationship Coach ) : People caught up in conflicting situations can experience clarity and support to achieve their goals and success orientation with life coaching.
Corporations looking for productivity boost of their employees through attitudinal and behavioural adjustments can benefit from powerful Change Interventions.
Institutions that look for scaling up the employability skills of their students through superlative interview performances need to look no further.
People looking for grooming of personality through behavioural training will find themselves at the next level!
Motivation unlimited for those looking to pick up the pieces of their life after failures, bereavements, separations.

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