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Avantika Tripathi | Astrologer | Vaastu Expert

  • About Me:
    I have been serving thousands of clients across the globe and I am happy to offer my insight to more and more people. Astrology is a wonderful tool, which gives us an access and a base to understand significant aspects of life, such as our composition, movement of life, good and bad times, space that demands our attention and affirms the need to let go. When I started learning astrology, I was fascinated by such an intellectual and divine framework of cosmic methodologies and theories that help us to understand about human lives and related possibilities in such a brilliant manner. Today I respect astrology from the core of my heart and acknowledge its existence by being thankful to the sages who discovered and offered such a wonderful mystical appliance, which can be used for the benefit and good of people. If utilized with appropriate understanding, good intention and relevant vision, it can really act as a great facilitator for our lives and make things congenial for us to operate.
  • Testimonials:
    I never really believed in astrology, but the work of this young astrologer pushed me far ahead, by revealing facts about myself. Thanks a lot.
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday
  • Credentials:
    11 years of experience in practicing Vedic Astrology

Avantika Tripathi:(Astrologer | Vaastu Expert)

Avantika has 11 years of experience in practicing Vedic Astrology and has provided guidance and solutions to thousands of people for Relationship, Finance, Health, Career, Education related issues. She helps her clients by being very honest and transparent in my predictions, she never manipulates astrological facts for giving false hope and commitment. She provides modern guidance and remedies, combining traditional and modern scientific techniques in astrology.

Real-time interpretation and application of astrological theories laid down ages ago in today’s world is something, that she strongly focuses on while analyzing the birth chart. Simplifying concepts for her clients while delivering analysis and providing deductions for the possibilities that can occur as per an environment of the current age, is something that represents my style of working.

She has clients from India and Abroad and she is happy to offer her insight to more and more people.


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