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  • Brief Description: Mr Modi also says very important thing to the youth” Doing everything on time and respecting time is necessary to receive fruitful rewards on time”
  • Opening Hours: 12.00 - 3.00 Weekdays
  • Credentials: Consulting the best astrologer in Mumbai is just a click away! Rashtra Visbhushan Award Winner (2015) with hundreds of satisfied customers with best in class services across Astrology
  • Testimonials: Have a good experience with mr.Modi

Stress and depression handling is also another area of expertise for Mr Modi. He has a wide variety of complete herbal products for his clients who are dealing with various kinds of anxieties, depression, anger, jealousy, low confidence, sleeplessness, fear, violence, all kinds of relationship problems for all ages and he considers these services also as something which is very important to the people. He has been widely successful, winning awards and glories such as the Rashtra-Vibushan award in 2015. He also gives lectures on various TV Channels and has travelled overseas as well for conducting various lectures and seminars.


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